Just Me & the Kids - WDW Days 2 & 3

Just finished breakfast.

Dd didn’t get in on DME until 2am.

We aren’t leaving for EPCOT until after noon so we will take in the resort a bit this morning.

I think I finally got everything put away in the room.

PSA - Don’t leave chocolate in the car for any length of time in Florida. A bag of mini KitKats is now a large lump after an hour while we checked in. :frowning:


Oh no!! On our last trip we changed hotels halfway through so we put all our groceries in the trunk and headed out to MK for the day then checked in later in the afternoon. We had liquid peanut butter :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: my kids still talk about it!!


Will post more here about today, tomorrow.

Plans have totally changed and a friend took us to tonight’s DVC Moonlight Magic night in EPCOT!!


Our original plan had us doing World Showcase from 1-4 and then traveling over to Animal Kingdom for FOP and ROL.

We’ll, a friend of ours is here staying at AKL, and they asked us if we wanted to go to the DVC EPCOT event. Apparently they had extra tickets.

So I cancelled our AK FPs and we spent the afternoon and evening at EPCOT. It was wonderful. We didn’t get a ton done since we were with a large group, but we were able to ride FEA and Soarin and wow…the special fireworks at 11:45 were awesome!

Instead of rope dropping EPCOT this morning, we slept in and came over at 1pm again.

Yesterday we did

Soarin (2x)
Living with the Land (2x)
Agent P (Mexico)
France (Movie)
Lunch in America and Japan
Dinner at Sunshine Seasons
Free Mickey Bars

Today we did
Mission Space-Green (2x)
The Seas with Nemo
Spaceship Earth
Lunch at Sunshine Seasons
Agent P (UK)
Agent P (Japan)
Taiko Drummers
Friendship Boat
Dinner in France
Journey into Imagination
Free Birthday Slushy at Club Cool for dd

We had a FP for Test Track at 8:00pm, but the FP line was close to an hour wait due to it being down earlier today.

All in all…a great couple of days.

Tomorrow we are heading to Blizzard Beach and in the late afternoon we are doing Sorcerers of the Kingdom in MK.


Birthday Slushy
New photo by Christine DeLaurentis

I love the Jammitors ( and really miss Future Corps)

New photo by Christine DeLaurentis


Another good link for Future Corps