Just Me & the Kids - WDW Day 7 -- DAH Day!

Today is dd’s 17th birthday. We started the day with a late breakfast at 1900 Park Fare for Strawberry Soup! Meeting her grandparents there (they are local).
New photo by Christine DeLaurentis
Mary Poppins, Alice in Wonderland, Pooh, & the Mad Hatter we’re circulating the dining room and Tigger was in the hallway taking pictures. He was just on the other side of the door from our table and peeked in to say hi!

New photo by Christine DeLaurentis

After breakfast we went back to our room for about an hour and and now we are headed out by bus to the Magic Kingdom. We are starting in Tomorrowland, then dinner at BOG with the birthday girl and then taking in rides until DAH at 10pm!

Excited to spend this last full day of our trip in the Happiest Place on Earth! :slight_smile:


Have a great time and Happy Birthday to your DD! Our DD will turn 17 in WDW as well.

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Off to a great start!
New photo by Christine DeLaurentis


New photo by Christine DeLaurentis


Great shot!

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Sounds like an excellent day, great photo

OMG, DAH was awesome.

I hope to catch up on posts once we get on the AutoTrain late tomorrow afternoon.