Just Me & the Kids - WDW Day 1

Checking in at Pop. Line looked long but moved pretty quickly.

New photo by Christine DeLaurentis


Is your room ready?

The one they originally assigned (based on my TP Room Request) wasn’t ready, but they found us another one.

Unloading the car and SHOWERING!!! Then lunch at the food court before heading to MK.

New photo by Christine DeLaurentis


Have fun!

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Have a great trip!!

Lunch at Pop - Kid’s pasta meal ( no meatball, no sauce + a breadstick) & pot roast
MK - Stopped and picked up Sorcerer’s of the Kingdom Cards then did:
Peter Pan (FP)
Small World
Short Survey about Fantasyland
Wedway People Mover
Buzz Lightyear (FP)
Monster Laugh Floor
Chapeau for hats (one for ds, still looking for me)
Now the Plaza for dinner. Waiting to be seated.


Great start!

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So much fun!

New photo by Christine DeLaurentis


Mickey’s Philharmagic
Hat shopping!
Now in line for the Enchanted Tiki Room and then a FP for the Jungle Cruise.

New photo by Christine DeLaurentis

Ds LOVED Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor. I’m sure we’ll be doing that a few more times this week.

He didn’t remember how much he enjoyed Mickey’s Philharmagic as a little person…and apparently still enjoys it at 12yo.

We may call it a night after the Jungle Cruise. I don’t want to burn child #2 out on the first day. :wink:


Castle Shots
New photo by Christine DeLaurentis

New photo by Christine DeLaurentis


My magic band. We got decals from myfantasybands. I really love Small World.
New photo by Christine DeLaurentis


All in all a good day.

Waiting up for dd to arrive on DME.

So far Pop seems great. This is my first time staying here. The bus to and from MK today was fine, the room has all kinds of places to put stuff (and we have too much stuff), and the CM’s I’ve interacted with so far were really nice.

We had a few encounters with the 15s. There seems to be two groups staying here… either in the 50s section or the decided to meet here. One was doing a unison jump into the pool and the other met for hours at the feet of Tramp…and had their own sound system/microphone. It seemed like they were taking turns talking about something.

Ds had a good day too. He isn’t a thrill ride kid and would honestly prefer to stay home. We did the slower stuff today on purpose and I think it sets the tone for the week for him.

Tomorrow morning is a slow morning letting dd sleep in after her late arrival. Maybe some pool time in the morning before we hit EPCOT in the afternoon, followed by an evening at AK.


Dinner looks yummy!! Sounds like a good day over all. Glad your trip has started on a positive note!!