Just me and two kids

I’m going on a Girls Trip with my two daughters, ages 10 & almost 2.

I got fastpasses for Splash Mountain and Soarin’. Will we even be able to use them? If we request child swap, will my older daughter be allowed to stay with the younger one when it’s my turn to ride? Same for Test Track single rider line.

(That’s even IF DD10 she feels comfortable riding without me. Usually sbe wants us to be together.)

If she can pass for 11 or 12 they may let her ride by herself. (I’m not sure what the cutoff is for age). Though personally I would just do rides you all can do together. There are plenty of things for you to do without doing the bigger rides. It will also she you time, because they tend to be the more popular rides.

The age for single riders is 7. Under 7s must ride with someone 14 or over. I’m not sure if they will allow her to wait with the little one or not, but I would be prepared for them to say no.