Just me and my young son, if I bring a backpack, fanny pack etc?

This week it will be just the two of us and I got him a cell phone in the event god forbid we got seperated for a min i can track him and he could call me, anyways if I want to bring 2 rain coats i would need a backpack but I am wondering if I can ride all the rides (other than hulk, rip rock, mummy) with the backpack on me? (in lap etc)… He wont do those rides but he will do Harry Potter FJ and Gringotts so not sure what my options are?
I could leave the raincoats at hotel and just use fanny or zipper pocket for cash and phones but just wanted to see what everyone here thinks…

Also we will be doing entire day at Hollywood Studios is any extra advice for that? THANKS

No you can’t take a backpack on rides, just a small fannypack. You’d have to use the lockers at each ride. The free ones are pretty tiny though, you’d probably need to use the paid ones.


You would definitely be better off with two cheap ponchos that can fold into a cargo pocket and leave the raincoats in the room. That’s assuming you are worried about rain/water rides. If you’re worried about getting cold, take the raincoats and put them on before you get on every ride/wear them around your waist. Zipper pockets are your friend at this park. I hate bringing my backpack to Universal, you can not take it on any rides and the lockers are a huge time suck (and not free for backpacks)


This recent thread has info that might be helpful

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