Just made a reservation at Swan Hotel for September - best way to request a particular view?

My daughter and I will be visiting WDW in September, specifically to attend the Food & Wine Festival. I had considered staying at the Boardwalk Inn again because we loved it when we were there in April of last year, but I happened upon a really fantastic deal at the Swan Hotel where I am getting two nights free. It was too good to pass up so I reserved a Deluxe Balcony room and specifically asked the young man “Those face Crescent Lake, right?” and he said “yes.” But after perusing their website I see that not all of them do.

My question is this - I’d like to call back and be pretty specific in my request. I know they can’t guarantee anything (and since I’m getting this special deal I may be ignored anyway), but what I would like to request is a high room with a balcony on the side that overlooks Crescent Lake and the Boardwalk. I am trying to be able to see the EPCOT fireworks, if possible.

What is the best way to word such a request? And what, if anything, does anyone know about the various views from these balcony rooms at the Swan? If anyone even has something as incredibly useful as a specific room number that they know provides the view I’d like to have, that would be wonderful!

I may have had better luck at the Dolphin as far as the view is concerned, but they didn’t have the dates available that I needed.

Thank you so much for any help you can provide.

I had to double check to make sure this wasn’t my post. I had a similar issue in April of last year.

First off Stay at Swan - it is slightly nicer and the beds are QUEEN instead of DOUBLE

I tried to get the view you had and wasn’t successful. We did have the same room - delux balcony. I told them that I will not accept a room over the air conditioners that face the pool. I called a few times and to be perfectly honest no one was particularly helpful in my pre-emtive strike.

However the room we ended up with was great. It faced the Dolphin and “kind of” Yacht Club. It was a very kinetic view. I loved in the morning and evening watching the boats come in and out of the dock and watching people. Didn’t have a fireworks view but loved watching the constant energy between the two hotels. I forget the room number but it was floor 5 or 6 near the end of the “wings” facing “in” at D on the following map http://www.wdwinfo.com/resortmaps/swandolphmap.htm It was a great view.

Thank you so much! That was very helpful information! I will keep all this in mind when I make my request, particularly the information about the rooms over the air conditioners.

Cool - remember even at a discount rate - you are paying and they are obligated to provide you with an adequate room. Be polite but firm if the room isn’t to your satisfaction (within reason). If you have a room with a balcony but can’t use it due to noise or something else - it is useless and doesn’t provide you the service you paid for.

It also helps to be a STARWOOD member - which is free - so sign up for that.