Just how nuts are you?

I’ve really been enjoying reading people’s recent trip reports but I’ve realised I’m heavily in denial about my own trip. I’m so overwhelmed by excitement that I’ve actually come through the other side. It’s too good to be true so I’m refusing to believe I’m actually going. I look at other people’s pictures like they’re fantasy drawings of an alien world. Or maybe they’re movie sets but not a real place you could actually go to. I’m not allowing myself to imagine actually being there. This is odd, since I’ve been there twice in the last year and a half.

What Disney craziness overtakes you?

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…buying new Disney T-shirts for every trip (sometimes MONTHS before leaving) because I can’t wear the same shirt twice in a park! :crazy_face:


@twophish you are not alone! I do this as well. Where are your favorite places to buy new Disney shirts? I need more ideas to feed my craziness!

@profmatt my main craziness is trying to find a way to get to WDW even earlier than my next planned trip. I look every day at flights to Orlando and try to convince myself that a quick one night trip would be worth it to enjoy Christmas at Disney and see the holiday ending of Illuminations. So far I haven’t let the craziness win…but I’m oh so close!


@gnatjo I get a lot of mine locally at Kohls and Hot Topic. I also bought a couple of online exclusives from Hot Topic.

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I do exactly this. With every trip I take. Also with big life events. I also wonder how nuts this makes me.

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I have mine made. :joy::crazy_face:

I have a lot of Disney clothes (I can make at least two whole outfits where every thing from top to toe is nightmare before Christmas related for example) but the Christmas tree has slowly been transformed by my obsession year by year. It is now almost exclusively Disney


What!?! You design your own Disney shirts? Where do you have them made?

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I definitely want a Disney inspired tree. That may need to be a new obsession for this year.

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I do something similar to this - I start to get slightly sad as the trip arrives and procrastinate packing because I know once the trip happens, it will be over. This same sadness does not effect me ON the trip. Just right before and, of course, afterwards.


Have you ever tried TeePublic? I am obsessed with trying to find new and unique designs.

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Or, well, what about buying T-shirts (not to mention Disney underwear!) more than two YEARS ahead of leaving? :roll_eyes:

Not that I’m talking about me, mind you. It is…uh…a friend. Yeah.

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This sounds reasonable.

But this? I don’t believe. You have a friend? Nah. Not buying it.

Hmm. And I thought our relationship MEANT something!

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Haha. As my trip in eight days time seems ever more precarious I’m lashing out at everyone. As they say — you always hurt the ones you love the most :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I must observe that you have a history of outsourcing this task. :smiley:

Only as a last resort. Because, you know, I was cutting it kind of close, the trip being more than two years away and all!

As far as T-shirts go, between my wife and I, we have 8 (or is it nine? Can’t remember if my wife ended getting one she was eyeing) T-shirts for our trip.

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I love TeePublic! They have some fun crossovers, too–I got my husband a really cute one with Stitch and Toothless, and I have one that has Mulan, Wonder Woman, Merida, Princess Leia, Angelica Schuler, and a few more feminist heroines, Disney and otherwise.

I also can’t stay away from the Disney Dress Shop dresses even though I have very few occasions to wear them. I’ve currently got Belle, the Tiki birds, and Minnie, and have had to restrain myself from a few more. I wore the Belle dress to Be Our Guest like a great big dork. (With sneakers, like a Kindergartner. Glow-in-the-dark Tinkerbell sneakers. Because my heart is young, but my feet are old.)


I have not, but now I will have to check them out!

As my trip in eight days time seems ever more precarious I’m lashing out at everyone.

Wait?!? WHAT?!? Is your trip in jeopardy? Did I miss a thread somewhere?!?