Just how bad/crowded is President's Day weekend?

We were hoping to head to WDW for the Rosh Hashanah weekend in Sept/Oct but there are absolutely no rooms available through our DVC. I made a reservation for Pres Day weekend- but am thinking it looks like it will be super crowded! We’re used to a lovely October crowd-wise! Any vets out there go at Pres Day? Is it awfully crowded?


The first day of our trip was President’s Day (Mon) and we went to AK. It was crowded, but with good choices of FPs and a TP we did just fine.

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Was there on Presidents Day last year, its busy…but its a long way from Christmas/New Years Day. I would put it on par with an average busy summer Saturday. Popular rid lines will be long’ish but its not unbearable.

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Thanks! Wish there was a way to qualify a 10. We will work our plan and I’m sure it will be fine!