Just How Bad are MK Non-Party Days During Party Season?

Realize this is sample size of 1, here, but I almost think not only are MK party-day low crowds not quite talked about enough (yes there are videos about this but I still think this is underrated/underappreciated), but I also think what’s not talked about is just how bad non-party days actually are at the MK.

Single two-day sample case in point, here is Sunday, Sep 18 (Party Day) vs Monday, Sep 19 (Non-Party Day). These are average observed wait times. The individual attraction charts are even more stark, but the auto-scrolly thing made it just annoying enough that I wasn’t going to try to capture side by side screenshots of each attraction. You’ll have to do this yourself.

What’s even more astonishing is how stark this difference is and it was during a 3-party day week (no Thursday party). I dread seeing what Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays look like during 4-party day weeks!

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Increasing the sample size, here is Party, Non-Party, Party, Non-Party, Sep 16-19.

Using BTMRR as an example over those 4 days:

Note the change in scale in minutes.

It was like that pre-pandemic too. Very different crowd levels, but some people really want the evening hours and fireworks show.

Do you mean non party days?

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You get a cookie. Yes. Edited, and thank you.

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We wanted that. We still want that. But not at this opportunity cost! If our son were older, maybe we’d try to watch the halloween fireworks from the Poly beach. Instead, we’re going to grab dinner at the Poly and go sit outside and try to catch the electric water pageant. :sauropod: :musical_note: “…everybody do the dinosaur…” :notes: :musical_keyboard:

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I have many great memories of this from my childhood. I’ve been wanting to watch this with DW and my kids our past 3 trips (2018, 2019 and this past May), but we never seem to make the time. We are either at the parks or trying to get the kids to bed. Maybe next time.

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My kids absolutely love it (DD6 and DD3), and usually are bummed if we miss it. They even watch it YouTube videos of it when we get home.


Those may have been the posted waits on 9/17, but we rode BTMRR at some point between 10:00 and 11:30 and only waited maybe 25 minutes. I meant to time my wait but it would not submit when we went to get on the ride. During the same time frame we waited less than 20 for Splash as well.

On 9/9 (a party day) we waited about 10-15 for either one later in the day… like, between 1:00 and 4:00. So yes, the waits were longer on the non-party day, and if you go by percentage it looks like a lot but in actual time it wasn’t much longer.

Does this trend apply to Christmas parties also? We’ve never been to a party, but if we ever went, I’d choose a Christmas party.

Yes. Historically the crowds have been lower on party days during the MVMCP season. Crowds have been higher on non-party days. Tagging @bluebird32 so the correction is noted.

Edited to correct my prior post. Thank you to @mkmuzzy for pointing out my mistake.


Do you mean party days?

Yes! That’s a whopper of a typo. I will correct.


I understood what you meant. Thanks for clarifying the thread for future readers.

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