Just have to share with someone!

Ok, first time poster here; multiple visits to WDW and we are headed back on the 26th for a week. I know, we are crazy for going that week, but we love it! But, I have to share our secret to this trip with y’all–we moved from Texas back to Kentucky about 18 months ago and our 16 year old son desperately misses his best friend–so, we are flying him in from Texas to meet us at WDW for the week!!! Our son has no idea AND it will be his friend’s first time ever to WDW. I’ve got my plans set, except one day which may be a Universal day (but we have a backup just in case it’s not), and we are traveling with another family, but we won’t all be together the whole time. I cannot wait to see the look on DS’s face when we bring his friend out the doors at the airport! DH and I both said we are more excited to see the two of them together for the week. Thanks for letting me share!


Super cool. :slight_smile:

How awesome!!! What a great surprise for your son. Be sure to let us know his reaction. Have a great trip!

Welcome to the forum!

Nice! It’s great when you can share your love of WDW with someone who hasn’t been there yet.

What’s this “Universal” thing you speak of?:confused::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

How fun!!

That sounds so great!!

Oh my goodness…how special!! You guys are awesome!!

What a wonderful gift !!