Just for Fun: Wait times

Just to learn from others, to see the differences with other Liner’s.
When you mess with your TP, what is your goal for wait times?
We plan in breaks and food, and I always set the balance to relaxed and minimize walking. I like to see if I can get our major wants with less than 20-25 minutes. We have a DD9 that does not have a strong patience level. And I can’t imagine standing in line for over an hour and need a bathroom break!
We don’t usually use FP+ for characters. We have tried to get more FP+ after using morning FP+, but that doesn’t always work for us.
Most of the time we win our TP challenge, of course there are new rides that are difficult to score FP+ for and wait times are a necessary evil if it falls on our “must do” list.
What’s your Max wait time when planning?

Depends who is in my party.

Before having kids, my wife and I would think nothing of waiting 60-90 minutes for a headliner. Our WDW trip involved a lot of sleeping in, riding headliners, working out, TS dinners and evening shows.

Now that we has 2 kids under age 5, we try to minimize waits as much as possible. We Rope Drop, use our 3 FP+ between 10 and just after noon, and avoid anything with more than a 30 minute wait. We have been very successful getting additional FP+ in the afternoon.


Depends on the ride, the park, and what other waits for the day. I won’t mind a wait of 2 hrs for a new ride if I can get everything else to be fairly low. But if everything is a long wait, my tolerance drops.

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Under 20 mins. More than that and it’s an on purpose thing (we want to see the queue) or the ride broke while we were in line.


This is about mine too. Last summer we waited 10 min in SB for PoTC and my kids were DYING saying it was taking soooooo long. :rofl:


While we’ve accidentally done longer a handful of times, 30 minutes is our limit.

We have been known to avoid new rides for several trips because FPs are difficult to get and lines are long.

We’re also quite lazy so no park criss-crossing for us either.

When doing a touring plan, I’ll try to get FPs for anything with a wait over 30 min. Unless we can do the FoP- ish thing of thru the tapstyles before official opening and off the ride just after official opening. If all planned stuff is under 30 minutes, I won’t bother with FPs.

At the end of the day works sometimes. That’s our preferred time for Spaceship Earth and we’ve mostly always walked on.

Very much like rope dropping a non - Morning EMH park.

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Always plan to keep wait times less than 30 minutes if possible. Use FPs between 9:30and 12:00. Have waited longer but usually a new ride (Eg FoP) or last ride at park closure. Plan in table service lunch on most days (we usually go in summer) and afternoon break at the pool.

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I don’t usually see wait times of more than 20 minutes unless rides have gone down or we have knowingly decided we’d do it because no other work around existed. And I can only handle that once every few days. On our last trip in November we willingly queued for MFSR and FEA. We ended up doing Millenium Falcon again another day we liked it so much. FEA Wait was even longer than we’d expected and We’d have aborted mission if it hadn’t been so cold outside and at least it was warm in there.

In DLR in June 2018 I can’t remember a single long wait off the top of my head.

@DeepInTheHeartofTexas - on our first park day in Nov our 2nd or 3rd ride was Magic Carpets and my 6 year old was growing apoplectic about the 10 minute wait. We had to have a talk where I reminded her this wasn’t our local amusement park.

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We have two boys (4 &6) who are patient for their ages, but I try to keep it to 15 or less. We rope drop and use our initial FPs for headliners in the first 3-4 hours and then same day FPs later on to minimize waits. Sometimes a longer queue is actually a good thing for us so we mix it up. For example, we keep Dumbo for mid-afternoon when the wait time is longer because it gives them more time to play in the playground that is in the Dumbo queue. Same with the heat. An air-conditioned or shady queue gives them a break from the heat and sun, so Winnie isn’t a terrible wait at 20 minutes. If the queue is boring (i.e. Soarin’) we try to use a FP or keep the wait to under 15 minutes.

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