Just doing some research


Good luck with that research. Be sure to visit Horizons and World of Motions and Figment with Dreamfinder.

Thanks for the memories

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I think I'll have to go standby for those, I can't find any mention if they qualify for fpp

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Unfortunately, I lost all of my pre-1990 Disney stuff in a fire.

This may help. It was the first Official guide that included Epcot: http://blog.practicalwdw.com/2012/09/epcots-30th-1983-birnbaums-guide-to.html


That's awesome thanks.

@Camsdad, I scanned that during a fit of Epcot 30th Anniversary nostalgia a couple years ago. Glad other people enjoy it!

Oh, wow, Flyer - I had that year's guide, lost/left it on pirates of caribbean that year, never to be seen again. sigh. good ol memories. thank you.

I bought the 88-89 guide a couple years ago for research for an article I wrote for Epcot's 30th. It was an interesting read. They had "reviews" of stuff at MGM even though it hadn't opened yet. I just picked up a 1973 official souvenir book I still need to go through.