Just did FPP and not in love with them

Day one - MK 60+0
could NOT get 7DMT
Space 9:50
BTMRR 12:50
PP 255

This is a short day with party afterwards. I really thought i’d have better options for PP.

Day 2 HS 60+1
RnRC 9:55
Star Tours 11:35

Day 4 Sis goes to AK alone 60+3
Dino 1155
EE 12:55
FOP: 6:15
(This messes up ROL?)

Day 4 - wanted to split between HS and MK, but my SDD is late
VOTLM 9:45
Indiana 11:30
SDD 2:55 (should I change to later in day and get three FPP at HS in PM and do MK in AM?)

Day 5 - EP (60 + 5
TT 10:25
MS 12:15
SE 2:15

Day 7 AK (60+7)
EE 11:40
Dino 12:50

What would you change?

I am not experienced enough to give you advice. But your FOP question about messing with ROL made me laugh. My husband and I decided to use our RS for FOP while my parents took our kids over for the ROL reserved seating. We quick walked to ROL, which hadn’t started yet, but most of the entrances were closed, so we kept hustling to the next CM, who kept telling us to go down to the next one. We went all the way around, only to be eventually sent back in the other direction again. We ended up right back where we started, all sweaty and tired. Just as the show started the sat us in the Handicap section, (it was empty and we would have given up our seats if someone had needed them) RIGHT BEHIND WHERE OUR FAMILY WAS SITTING. It makes me laugh just thinking about it.


They really made you earn those seats, I see! :wink:

Any reason you can’t just do SB for SDD? I mean, you will end up waiting in the park regardless, but if you do it earlier without a FP, you can finish up your HS time and get over to MK. You might even shift to all MK FPs instead of using FPs in HS. It doesn’t seem like VOTLM nor Indiana Jones we be terribly useful that early in the day. Kind of a waste of FPs to my thinking.

ETA: If you hurry, maybe you could obtain a FP for 7DMT in MK later in the day instead if you shift from HS FPs.


I consider all the tier 2 FPP at HS a waste. :woman_facepalming:

I did think about what you said, but I’m afraid to drop SDD to look for 7DMT.

But you said you wanted to get to MK sooner. So dropping SDD is not much of a loss, regardless. Just alter your plan to hit SDD with the lowest standby wait. You might make up for it in your 7DMT wait. You might not. But at least you’ll be back to MK sooner!

Just modify SDD, you won’t lose it unless you get the 7DMT. You don’t lose it until you pick a new one that way right?

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I just modified the OTHER FPP for HS to later in the day after SDD.
I will do MK in the morning.

It’s our only split day and I’ll only bother doing both parks if I can get on 7DMT during our first day there. Otherwise it will be a full HS day.

I don’t love FPP whatsoever. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I only even have hoppers this time because it was the discounted homeschool thingy.

Thank you @robin.brown and @ryan1


Have I ever mentioned I feel much the same way? Not sure I have…


ETA: Weird. I typed four periods to form an elipsis that ends a sentence. There are supposed to be four of them, not three, which is an elipsis meant to indicate merely a pause for emphasis. But the software replaced my correct four period elipsis with a three period one. :confused:

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It’s hard to be grammatically correct on some devices. Autocorrect is not always helpful.

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This is true. Although in this case, it isn’t auto-correct. If I go and edit the post, it shows the four periods I typed for a four dot elipsis. But when the post is displayed, the forum software is substituting a three-dot elipsis. :confused:

Here I type four…
(But I suspect that when it is displayed, it will show up as three.)

And here I type three…just for the effect.

Four indicates an end of sentence (like a trailing-off thought).

Three indicates a dramatic pause or delay.

Hmm. This is very much off topic, though. How very unlike me!


As a grammar nerd and homeschool mom I appreciate these types of discussions.

On the drop down menu at work under which position we measured a patient’s oxygen saturation we had the choice of “laying down” along with “standing” or “sitting.” On principal alone I will not select it. I write my own note every time.


I’m not sure why it matters whether you took a patient’s pulse ox while you were standing or not! :wink:

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Whaaattt??? I only ever learned three periods as an ellipses; I have never heard of this four period thing! I have learned something new today!

You actually made me laugh.

I could write a book about what I never knew about grammar until I started homeschooling. English quickly became my favorite subject to teach.
My kids also have to be taught not to correct their elders. (Like the time one corrected the pediatrician who told her to lay down, not lie down.)


Tying to make a CLFP plan. Even with 6 FP in a day, it’s still hard to make apply them to attractions I want because of tiering. I’m starting to agree more with @ryan1.

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I’ve done editing of professionally published works (novels, short stories, etc). There a lot of little style-based rules you start to learn doing so!

One thing, apparently, I’ll never master, however is spelling. Elipsis. Ellipsis. I was typing the former when it should have been the latter! :wink: So even copy-editors need copy-editors!

Your loot of FFPs at 60+ makes me want to sleep through my 3:50 am PDT alarms on my 60 days for 7 days. (Please excuse the spelling and grammatical errors. I ‘m on my phone.)

These seem kind of spread out. Are you planning to go at the end of your TT window? Then maybe lunch in the area before SE? I don’t think there’s much to do in Future World these days with all the construction.

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