Just bought FPP online for LRB, MFKB, and the dole whip line!

Check this out. New thing to purchase some FPP for the MK rides of Liberty Riverboat, Mike Fink’s River Keel boats and the Dole Whip line. Watch video to see how it works. I am so excited for my next trip.


Have a great beginning of April!

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Oh! Can this thread be where all the April 1st announcemts and stories are posted?


No, this story is true :slight_smile:

Is it as true as the story i heard about how they’re not going to connect SWGE to the rest of HS and just make it a stand alone park?

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SWGE will become the 5th park - not including the water parks. Also, park hopper will not be valid for SWGE. Bummer. Sorry to break the news to everyone.