Just booked all stars movies in dec using priceline express

Used the amazing priceline spreadsheet from touring plans and just booked a two night stay (Dec 20-22) at all star movies for $95/night. Was previously reserved through WDW for $176/night. GUYS THIS IS SO EXCITING.


That’s so great! I keep checking for our dates too!!!

Oh! Is this @JJT’s spreadsheet?


I’ve been trying to use Priceline Express, but Google Canary doesn’t seem to work anymore…

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Priceline has been changing their website the last week and hotel Canary keeps coming and going. Sadly I think sooner or later hotel canary will stop working and the developer has not updated in a long time.

Good news is you can use my comparison tables to figure out resorts manually:


Plus my amenities check spreadsheet:

Priceline changes things all the time so use the results in that sheet with a grain of salt and double-check just in case something did change. But worst-case it should get you down to just a couple of possible resorts.


Thanks @JJT It sure looks like Canary was caught by Sylvester. I’ll be sure to use your spreadsheet. Thanks for putting in such a huge effort!

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Yes! Using @JTT worksheet and post with average review score/number of reviews. Saved myself $200+ dollars for our short Christmas trip.


For the record, Priceline updated their site again and Hotel Canary is working again - as of yesterday, anyway!