Just back from DLR - A few things I learned!

We were in the parks on Fri-Sat-Sun (April 13-14-15) for the first weekend of Pixar Fest. A few tips for anyone who cares :wink:

1- Go early. DUH, but here’s an example – on Friday at DCA there were lines of at least 50 people waiting for Mike Wazowski drink sippers and Sully popcorn buckets. We decided to skip it. On Saturday we went first thing and walked right up to the donut cart at DL… got the Dole Whip donut (fabulous) and the Mike sipper and were on our merry way in 3 minutes. Then I had to ask myself, “Did you really just pay $18.00 for a grape slushie in a one-eyed green plastic container that cost about 30 cents to make?” Hmmmm…

2 - Don’t stress Paint the Night crowds – the route is so long that we didn’t have any trouble finding a spot about 45 minutes out, and that was only the second night of the parade. We did have to walk a ways down the pier - close to the Golden Zephyr - but that ended up being the beginning of the parade for the first one so it was awesome.

3 - The Pixar Play Parade floats have A LOT of squirting parts! We got sprayed at least 8 times from all angles. I thought it was adorable, but not everyone had that reaction!

4 - The AP merchandise was adorable and we’re told it’s going to change often. Go to Disneyana right away and see what’s available. On the other hand, the passholder corner at DCA was disappointing. We got decals and a “photo op” with a sign. Not really worth a wait.

5 - Speaking of merch, there were different options at almost all locations. There were also unique food offerings that we didn’t see more than once. Keep an eye out and read the signs / menus.

That’s my Pixar Fest info for now. As a side note, the MaxPass was completely worth the price; the crowd calendar was 7 or 8 each day and the only things we waited for all weekend were parades, fireworks, and a 20 minute line to meet Mickey. Take my money.


Thanks for sharing!

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Such a relief to hear! We love PTN and we have 2 trips in May (one is a quick short weekend, the other a longer one with other things in SoCal planned) but both times PTN is only scheduled to have 1 run each night so I am super nervous about getting spots.

It was that way the very first time we saw it in 2013 and maybe a few other times after that but there was a period of time where we saw it without any squirts ever. Then when it was ending its run in DCA were brought back & it felt like they were on overdrive - so much squirting! It seems like they’ve kept that squirting on overdrive! I don’t mind it as long as we can prepare for it & put away our phones/camera equipment that isn’t waterproof.

So glad you have fun & hope you have a return trip (even if far in the future) ready to look forward to now that this trip is over!!!

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Thanks! Where is the donut cart in DL? Sounds like something we need to try!

Great report. Last went in 2016, before maxpass. Just got back from wdw. Going back to DL July 2019. Really looking forward to maxpass now that I’ve done FPP at WDW. And not having to book rides 2 months out. Going to save me a lot of running!


The donut / coffee cart is on the edge of the “hub” near the entrance to Frontierland (left of the castle). I guess they have two or three specialty donuts every day. Not a lot of selection but super fresh and fun!!