Just another request for help RE: park planning

After overthinking this plan too many times, (gah, I miss hopping!) I would love liner’s insight into our park days for Nov 5-13. This is our second visit, the previous one was just last year although it feels like a lifetime ago, now! We had a beautiful trip with awesome touring plans and scored secret FPP drops every time we could. Now I feel absolutely unprepared. On this trip is DH, Me, DS-9, and DD-6. I think my biggest concern is only having one Epcot day this trip and wondering if we need both HS days with the shows and other aspects closed, not to mention the lack of great food available. Appreciate your thoughts!

Thurs. Nov 5-Arrive in the PM at POP

Fri Nov 6- AK

Sat Nov 7-MK

Sun Nov 8-AK

Mon Nov 9-HS

Tues Nov 10- EP

Weds Nov 11-HS

Thurs Nov 12-MK

I would look at doing MK on your first day (a weekday) as it may be really crowded on Saturday. Also, given 7 park days (how wonderful!) I would take two days for Epcot and one for AK, unless AK is a favorite for your family. We found we could do just about everything in AK in one day especially now when there are no shows. Hope you have a great trip!

I was thinking the same as @threeprincessesfourprinces. I would avoid MK on the weekend. I would even do HS on the weekend before MK. Personally, I love AK and would do two days there over two days at Epcot. We were there in August for 6 days and ended up doing HS three times (not my choice) and everything else once. Our original plan was HS/AK twice and MK/EP once.

It might be worth doing one day AK and one day EP in the first weekend, and then deciding which one you want to return to later in the week. Both should be easily available if you needed to switch the park reservation.


That’s actually a really great idea!


I think this is a great option, thanks. Who knows how things will feel once we’re there so it would give us some freedom to make changes.

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I think it’s fine to do your first MK day on a weekend, since you’ll be doing your second one on a weekday. Looks like a great trip! Enjoy. We’re doing 6 park days and I know for sure we’ll have 2 days at MK, but not sure if we’ll do 2 days at EP or HS. I scheduled HS for a Wednesday in hopes that we’d have the best chance to get everything done, but if we don’t get a BG for RotR, we’ll automatically do a second day there over EP.

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