Just an online Magic Kingdom ticket-help!

Hi all,

I somehow messed up this year and just realized my tickets for Magic Kingdom are only online/in the app.

Never entered the park this way. The plan was to be at MK Tuesday at opening. Can anyone help me understand exactly how to get the entrance card and if this mistake will greatly delay out entrance into the park? I don’t have time to get the cards shipped at this point.


Do you have any magic bands (old ones Work)

Nope and no old cards with me either

Do you have a confirmation number? Did it say to pick up at “will call”?

It says go to park entrance with id and credit card. When I called disney, they told me I have to go to a ticket booth first so they can give me a card, not just walk in like I have done before. I’m a little confused to be honest.

Yes, you can make fast passes but you need a card or magic band to go into the park and access your fast passes. If you link a magic band to your account you can enter directly. If not, the ticket window is on the right I believe.