Jungle Navigation/Skipper Canteen

I’ve made a reservation here for our first night at the World. Anyone have any reviews? It’s just DH and myself on this trip.

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One of my faves!

(And not really as “exotic” as the dish names make them sound.)


Good choice for adults. I went in 2014 when it hadn’t been open long. Very cool decor and good food, but my kids are not adventurous eaters, so they didn’t like it much at the time.

Love Skipper’s Canteen. Their steak was one of the best I had on property the last time I was there.

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I love it! The only table service in MK where I actually LIKE the food. (I mean, I liked a few others, but JNSC is the best of them all)

Thanks to everyone. I’m sure we’ll enjoy it!

I agree with these reviews. And they have very fun specialty drinks.


I just had a date night there with my husband!

Food and beer were great!

We love it. DD’s favorite TS restaurant in MK (she’s 5). :slight_smile:

and in case you still need another opinion :slight_smile: - My favorite TS in MK as well and actually one of my faves anywhere

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Just dined there May 9th for at late lunch…I would definitely recommend it…There are 3 dining rooms to choose from. The Mess Hall is the first room you’ll see and I think that’s good for large groups and families because it can absorb the added noise. As a couple, I would pick the Jungle Room which is suppose to be the grand explorer, Dr. Falls, former family parlor. It has interesting artifacts on the walls and in cabinets to keep you interested while waiting for your meals. It’s smaller and quieter except during our lunch when a 3-4 yo across the way was quite lively (to put it nicely) and at one point threw a metal spoon at a man at the next table. TIKES=YIKES!
My DD19 had the “Tastes Like Chicken Because it Is”. I had a taste of it, and had a great tasty crunchy texture without being greasy. The rice and seasoned veggies created a nice balance. I enjoyed the Curry Vegetable Crew Stew which was a delicious break from most of Disney’s meaty meals. Enjoy!


Decent food and a fun environment, particularly if you’re fans of Adventureland or Disney’s adventure-themed films. There are lots of inside jokes all around the restaurant, so if you get the chance, then take a look around. Take a close look at some of the book titles and authors in the Falls family library, too!

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The whole fish terrifies me…


But it’s delicious!

I enjoyed it so much that I will probably order it next week when my DH and I have our “date night”.

I know but I can’t stop thinking about jaws when I see it.


Unless things have changed, you cannot really pick your room. You could ask, but like anywhere else, it is about what table is ready and what server is available (In general, they don’t want to seat tables back to back for a server to allow them to give all tables the attention they deserve. If two are seated back to back, one is going to be waiting longer for service - and we will hear about how “awful” it was on here)


We just visited Skipper’s last week and thought the decor was outstanding, and the food was terrific. Of course, the corny jokes were right up our alley, and the waiters continued the banter. DS20 is the pun meister of our family, so we made sure he was in the lead when the hostess seated us. I think she told 3 or 4 jokes just on the way to the table.

We did ask about the SEA room, and the people at the check-in table said we could wait for it, but it would be 30 minutes, so we didn’t, which was a good thing because the service was terribly slow. The restaurant was only about half full at lunch on that day, and it took an hour to get our entrees. I just don’t know what was going on. We didn’t have any FP and it didn’t bother us too much, but it was noticeable.

This is at the top of my list for ADRs that I want to keep. I’m trying to pare down, but threads like this make it so hard. I’ve only been to a handful (or more) of TS restaurants, and I want to go to all of them…

Thanks to everyone for the reviews…Can’t wait to eat here:+1:

Mine was actually two whole fish. It was Lion fish with the spiny fins all sticking up. Delicious but hard to eat so I just gave up and used my fingers. Later I googled and discovered that they are considered an invasive species in Florida.

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