Jungle Nav. Co

I have a reservation at Jungle Navigation Co. at 6PM on a Christmas Party night. They’ll let me stay and eat, no problem, right? I do not have tickets to MVMCP…

Also, what are everyone’s thoughts about this restaurant? I’ve heard mixed reviews. I’m torn between this and Kona Cafe. Still keeping my fingers crossed an Ohana res will pop up!

I just checked- it is open from 3:30-6:30 for regular park guests so you are fine. Many people love it and make it a regular ADR. I think everyone should eat there at least once. They just changed their menu slightly this week. For me, I will not return but I am glad I tried it.

DH and I love Skipper Canteen. I like that the menu has some unusual things on it, and I really like sitting in the air conditioning sipping a Schweitzer Slush out of the crowds and heat.