Jungle cruise

On your page of refurbishments you have jungle cruise of being open 4/2/17. What is the true opening date or close to it.
Thank you for all your insight

Not sure I understand your question. If that’s the date listed, then it’s the “best” date we know based on what Disney has released. Do you have a reason to doubt that this date is accurate?

I was just wondering. That seems long for a ride to be closed that is not part of star wars closing

Here’s an article about it. There’s some video online showing the elephants being airlifted out of the ride by helicopter so they can be refurbished.

From what I saw for the DL Jungle Cruise refurb for the docking change, April 2016 was mentioned as re-opening time, not a year plus lengthy refurb like the Rivers of America & Railroad set to open next April 2017. So it’s just odd that Touring plans now has it listed as a refurb as long as the other Star Wars ones. I think what people are most trying to determine is if Touring Plans has new information changing that date for a year later, or if it’s a typo meant to be April 2016. I’m curious to know too. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is indeed a change of plans to be a long refurb re-opeing 2017. But it begs the question of how bad this summer will be with so many attractions down for lengthy refubs and big crowds being drawn in to see the Diamond Celebration for DL’s 60th.

The timing is really unfortunate!! It has made me start rethinking my plans. You start to wonder what the Disney execs are thinking!

@bastet55 If you see anything that seems odd, email webmaster@touringplans.com so they can investigate.

I read somewhere that the water systems for Jungle Cruise and Rivers of America are connected, so when the water is drained from one, it has to be drained from the other. So the dates for JC may be tied to progress on Star Wars/RoA work.

Yes the waterways are tied but they can bypass the rivers of america. Itis all part of the filtration system