Jungle Book Dining Package in Summer...anyone successfully book?

I’m just wondering if anyone was able to successfully book the dining package at AK for the summertime. It’s listed in the disneyworld.disney.go.com website, but I wondered if and how quickly the reservations for Tiffins and Tusker House are going. I’ve tried plugging in a few dates just to see what’s available, but haven’t managed to find a date/time where there is actual availability to reserve it.

Well, I just read on chat that reservations don’t actually open until tomorrow. Sorry…my post was premature. The dates show on the website and Tiffin’s menu is up.

two hours to go

Just booked the Jungle Book dining package for the first show. Dining reservation is at 6:55 at Tiffin’s for August 25!!

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My 5:35pm is for the first show too!

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We were able to get AK FP’s for nighttime attractions after 6:00 this morning, but unable to get Frozen Ever After at Epcot even after 7. Anyone have any luck with that?

got the Frozen FP’s but not till 7:30

I got the jungle book dining package at TH for 7/22. I also just checked frozen ever after FPP availability for 7/19 and it showed multiple times in the afternoon starting around 1

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I was able to get the package with Tiffins for 5/28 for the 9:00 PM show.

Was frozen ever after in tier one or two? My window is coming up and I want to make sure I have a game plan. Thanks!!!

It is a tier one.

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Does any one know if you can get them August. I just tried to get tusker house package for 8/13 and there wasn’t anything. I already have a reservation for the same night at tusker house.

There have been reports that Tusker House is only booking dining packages for breakfast for many days. That may be your problem- but maybe some will be loaded for lunch and dinner later?

Yes i managed to book for the 19th August at Tiffins. I then had to cancel it as its not included in the dining plan credits :frowning:

I would get it back and wait and see about the dining plan! This https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2016/05/a-look-at-the-menu-for-tiffins-restaurant-nomad-lounge-opening-may-27-at-disneys-animal-kingdom/, which was the official announcement says the dining plan will be used

Thats what i read. But this comment from the same article has the same problem as i do:


				Why does my dining package confirmation say that Tusker House 

does NOT participate in the dining plan? Is this an error or is it
because of the Jungle Book package? It will be very crummy if the
Jungle Book package is not covered as previously promised!

				Sarah Wheeler on May 21, 2016 at 6:31 am		"

I think it may be safer to phone them and see.

Calling could be an issue! Lately most phone calls go to a call center and the information has been unreliable at best.

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