Jungle Book: Alive with Magic, worth using a fastpass?

This is my first question to be asked on Touring Plans :grin:
Traveling to Disney this August with 4 year old, as well as my parents, husband, sister, and close family friends. (12 of us all together!)
Is there anybody out there who would recommend using a fastpass for the Jungle Book: Alive w/ Magic? Not going to be in Animal Kingdom all day (just dinner and some night time magic) but I have an extra fastpass that I’m not using in Epcot(since I’ll be there in the morning). What’s worth using it on??

If you are using FPP in Epcot, I think you cannot book any in a different park in advance. You will have to wait until you have scanned your last Epcot FPP before you can try to book one for AK. And by that time of the day, your selection for AK will be a lot smaller. But with that said, you can still try to get anything. I don’t know how evening waiting times are at AK. Maybe the Kilimanjaro Safari?

If you are only planning on using two FPs at EP, you can wait and see what is available after you use your 2nd one. You will be able to book at AK with the new system, but only at that time. If it was the only thing available I would. If you child is not going to ride Everest my first choice would be Safari (I do not expect there will be any left).

What times will AK be open until at that time? We are going at Christmas, and I’m having trouble with that.

Disney has not updated the park hours for December. I think the general consensus is that the park will probably still have some nighttime hours going forward, but no one knows for sure yet.

Based on recent reviews, I would NOT use the Fastpass+ on Jungle Book: Alive with Magic! However, by that time, the new Rivers of Light show might be ready in its place, and hopefully that will be much better. Other than that, there are worthwhile uses of the FP+, like the Legend of the Lion King show, the Finding Nemo show, Expedition Everest roller coaster for people over 44 inches, or Kilimanjaro Safari ride.

Disney has hours posted thru 13 Dec on their website as of today.

Some people really like the show, others not so much. You can watch the whole show on www.wdwmagic.com and see for yourself. If you DO want to see it, FPP or dining package appears to be the only sane way to do it…

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Thank you all for your insight! The wait times werent too bad on my touring plan for AK at night, but i guess it could change once the timing is closer. Im thinking i need to just choose a 3rd F Pfor Epcot. I wish they werent grouped, it would make selecting FPs so much easier!
Do we know when they plan on opening Rivers of Light in AK?

Labor Day is the hot rumor for Rivers of Light, but…Who really knows? After all, Earth Day was once the rumored target date.