June trip rebooking success!

We had a June booking for the recovery (free dining) package based on our Spring Break trip being cancelled due to COVID closure. Email received last night indicated we could call to rebook that reservation to a later date.

The only resorts they could allow rebooking to (right now) were DVC resorts and Ft Wilderness! Isn’t this going to make their DVC problems worse? Using up DVC capacity for non-DVC guests?

Anyway, I’m currently booked in a Beach Club deluxe studio in October with a 35% discount.

Anybody else rebooked yet?


Interesting! How far out were you able to rebook? Was there an end date?

Disney has control over a certain number of DVC units at each DVC Resort. It should not take away from an owner.

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I didn’t think to ask! We had already settled on October for our make-up spring break trip.

What were your June trip dates?

I read this:


Here is the info in the email I received for a July 3-5th Trip. Three options to choose from.

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And FWIW, someone on another forum said they selected the second option to modify, were directed to call Disney, they did and they could not get them rebooked during any time in July as there was no availability. Because they had an AP discount on the room, they could not book any other type of rate. They couldn’t book a new rate because they aren’t accepting new reservations. Just for what that is worth and YMMV.


has anyone heard if they are upcharging people if they have to switch resorts?

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From reports I’ve seen, if your dates stay the same but you are only moving resorts bc your resort isn’t open, then no.
If you move the date of your trip, then yes, you will be responsible for the new cost.


Was there a change in price from your original booking?

I saw that entry too, which is why I was surprised I could rebook. My original booking was AP discount and while “there were no more AP discount rooms available” they were willing to rebook me in late July at rack rate, with several options. From reading various people’s experiences it seems so random, depending on what day or CM one talks to.

I was booked at CBR for June 6-13 with the free dining recovery offer. I rescheduled for Dec 16-23 and will have to pay 1,800 more to stay at Boulder Ridge (this includes 35% off unfortunately).

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Did you re-book after they closed or before? I ask because because on chat they are saying if you rebook on your own there is a charge, but if Disney cancels the upgrade is free. I am questioning this?

I called on my check in date. I was told that had I not called, the reservation would have been cancelled and I wouldn’t be eligible for anything. I asked if I could move my dates and still be eligible for what I paid and they said no.


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Yes. We rebooked June to October and had to pay for a deluxe studio. Very frustrating. It shouldn’t be an increased charge.

Welcome! Thank you for the info!

@I_LikeWarmHugs was CBR not offered as an option for December or did you want to upgrade? I’m thinking of moving my July res at AKL to December and CBR was one of my thoughts. Rack rate at AKL in December is very ouchy so I don’t think staying put is an option for me.

I will likely just cancel it entirely, but I’m waiting to see what my (probably very unappealing) options are before I do. 7/16-20.