June Tickets?

How far in advance do DL tickets open up? We’re thinking about a June Trip but part of it is cost dependent.

You can vuy from resellers now because they are dateless!

Interesting! Where do I find those? I tried Undercover Tourist and theirs had dates.

Are you sure you were in the Disneyland section? I just checked and you can add tickets to your cart and pay for them without choosing dates.

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I’m wondering where I’m differing. I’ve tried many different methods but this is what I see on the Disneyland website:

Are you a CA resident by any chance?

I meant on undercover tourist site.

Oh gotcha!

I think it figured it out. I’m only looking at one day, park-hopper tickets. It looks like those aren’t available on UT yet either. Multi-day tickets are available now.

Thanks for helping me figure that out!

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Oh yeah. One day tickets are date based. Multi day tickets are not. That’s the issue.


I believe most re-sellers do NOT carry one day tickets so you’ll need to buy those direct from Disney.

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Undercover Tourist has one day tickets. They’re only available through the end of February right now. I’m loyal to them so I’m willing to wait. I’m sure they’ll get to June at some point.

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Oh cool. The resellers I’ve always looked at (ARES, Tickets at Work & Getaway Today) haven’t ever had 1 day tickets. But admittedly I rarely use resellers (since we’ve had passes since 2014).

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Ooh, sorry I missed this question looks like they took care of you!