June or August?

Hi all, we went late August/early Sept last year and melted.
Dh gave the (semi)okay to plan another trip! Squee!
But pretty narrow time options:

  • Possibly February
  • June (preferably late June)
  • Late August/Early September
    I vowed I’d never do late August/Early September again because of the crazy crazy heat/humidity.
    How bad is June, by comparison? Also, does June get the same downpours and thunder storms?
    And how cold is February for water parks, since a huge part of our trip is pool time.
    Thanks, peeps!

I don’t have much experience, but our June trip (first 2 weeks) was just as crowded as our Aug trip, not as hot and probably not as much rain but when it did rain it was very very heavy and cold! I personally would do Aug again before I’d do June.

In 2014 I went on a trip from June 28-July 4th. It was hot but no any more so than Massachusestts at the same time.

I will say that that trip we had amazing low crowds. There were many reports of similiar crowd levels this year.

The rain is a pretty constant thing from mid May until Mid October most years.

As for pool time it’s pretty rare for Orlando to get THAT cold. Now I know some people that are cold when it’s 75 out so it depends a little on your take of what’s cold.

I despise Florida heat. I hate that feeling of walking out the front door and immediately feeling sticky.

I love the winter in Florida. I lived down there many moons ago, but in recent years we’ve gone in May and December and are hitting early November this year. We’ve decided the weekend after Thanksgiving through the first week of December is our golden spot lol. It was cool without being cold, warm but not sweaty hot in the afternoons. And a lot fewer refurbs than happen in Jan and Feb.

Now having said all that from December through early March the weather is totally unpredictable. Our first morning in December was 30° and then 80° by the late afternoon. It occasionally gets freezing cold in Orlando, the weather changes on a dime. You have to be prepared for anything, but generally it’s warm, with low humidity, and low(for disney) crowds.

And in any case the pools at Disney are all heated so you can swim all year regardless.

we have gone in January - certainly cooler - but the temperature range can vary a lot. Also parks are open fewer hours and there are a lot of refurbs. I would do April / May

June is marginally cooler than August, but still too hot for my likes. Feb is a great time to go. I’m not much of a swimmer/water park person at WDW, but I could easily have gone swimming in the resort pool had I so desired.

Not on your list, but my personal favorite times are late Nov/early Dec and Mar/Apr.

Thanks everybody! I’d love early-mid December or early March, but apparently those dates are incompatible with my family’s hockey schedule… i’ve got my Disney thing, DH has his hockey thing, I guess I gotta respect that.
My all-time favourite time to visit WDW is late April/early May.

If it is JUNE or AUGUST - I would go with LATE august - as it is a lower cost / less expensive time. Any time from May to September - FL is like vacationining on the SUN. But hey there is a lot of places inside etc

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I hear you! We were there Aug 28 til Sept 8 2015 and it felt like we were on the surface of the sun.