June Memory Maker Share?

Are these even a thing anymore? I tried searching with no luck. Is there a June Memory Maker share? Is anyone interested in creating one?

I am interested, will be there may 30 thru june 9. I dont know how it is set up…hopefully more are interested!

How much does a share typically cost?

I am interested as well. We will be there June 12-19.

Same! Following to see how this works?

So a few of us are interested, but nobody knows how to set it up?

Yes, I’ve never done this before. Last trip I just purchased it for my family only but felt that the value wasn’t there. Would be interested in doing it again if cost were split a few ways.

I am going this weekend so unfortunately I can’t get the pre-purchase price, but I do know how to set it up and would happily share it with some people if we can get enough people interested.

I would like to join, will be there may 30 thru june 9. By joining, we wont be able to have access to each others resevations or fastpass, will we?

No, i will make a seperate account so that we cannot access each others fastpasses and stuff like that. We can all then have access to it

Ok…i will like to participate

Ok so it looks like maybe 5 or 6 groups are interested. Who knows how to do it?