June/July Updated Park Hours

Hi! I noticed a difference between the park hours on MDE and TP. Am I doing something wrong, or do the park hours just need to be updated on TP?

Most the hours appear to be the same to me. What date(s) are you looking at?

June 28th through July 5th

Looks like they match up:

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It looks like they match up except for on my touring plans. Do I need to do something to update the hours on my individual plans maybe?

That’s it! I just had to edit the park hours on my plans. lol. Thanks for helping!


Sure! And also, if you plan to rope drop, you can set your touring plan to start up to 45 minutes before official opening time.

Yes, thanks! I did that already! lol

Haven’t been to MK since March, but planning to be there July 3-4. With official open at 9am, what time has actual rope drop been happening?

They open parking about an hour before park opening but resort guests are already being allowed to the gate at that point. It depends on if they start letting resort guests in 30min early as planned. I haven’t seen a start date on that EMH for guests though. Currently ppl are reporting being allowed in about 30 min before official opening.

Thank you. Historically 45-60 minutes before official, but seems like I’ve seen a few posts that suggested they are staying closer to official. I appreciate the update.

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Yes, I noticed this with each passing day at the end of May into June. They began holding us again…not with a rope but with a cast member keeping us from passing and inching forward as more people crowded in and letting us in about 30 minutes early instead of 45-60 min early like I got in in Jan and last Oct.

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