June/ july heat

Hi all especially uk/irish liners how bad does the heat /humidity get end of June start of July time. ? Will it be too much for a non sun loving irish family. Really thinking of going this time next year as suits best for school.

Not sugar coating it, it’s hot and humid. However, we went last July and made it through. We did RD and left the parks around 12 or 1 when it was getting hot and crowded. We relaxed in the resort and enjoyed the air conditioning. We also changed clothes to get out of the sweaty ones from the morning and to feel refreshed. We went back to the parks around 5 and enjoyed dinner inside with air conditioning. We then hit the rides. It was beginning to cool off by then and was tolerable. Once we got back to the hotel, we showered to cool off. It helped us sleep better too. Then we were up early in the morning and without everyone having to shower, it was easy to make RD.

My son is a red head and is very sensitive to the sun. We took lots of sunblock, aloe vera, hats, sunglasses, frogg toggs, and extra changes of clothes. Hope this helps.


Thanks just as i thought,planning to do as you suggest,hoping evenings will be cooler and the heat won’t make it too difficult .

Not to be a “Donald Downer”, but I live in NW FL and refuse to go to WDW June-October. My trips usually only have 4-5 park days, and I just can’t justify spending 3 or 4 hours out of each day sitting in a hotel room waiting for it to be cool enough to survive the parks. If I was going to be there for 10-14 days (as many UK liners are) I would not be as hesitant to go because of weather. But the crowds are still much higher than in Fall/Winter.

We are from the UK and totally understand your concerns about the heat! We have been to Disney in July/August and it can get extremely hot and humid but it is do-able :grinning:
@doryatdisney’s advice is spot on…go early, have an afternoon break and visit again in the evening. When you are in the parks and getting over heated take a break to re-hydrate and cool down inside with the air con. Some queues have fans/misters in them if they are outside. I have a portable fan I carry on a strap that I use and spray/fan misters work well too, although I find them a pain to carry.
In your break time you can explore your resort and other resorts if you don’t want to hang by the pool.
I do understand with children at school it can be difficult to plan when to go and sometimes summer seems to be the best option, but do consider other times in the year when kids have longer breaks ie Easter/Christmas, I know it will be crowded, but it is in summer too, and as long as you plan well you will have a fab time and the weather is more suitable to us who are not used to the sun!! :wink:

I agree with @bswan26, whom I will now always think of as “Donald Downer” - if you can’t cope with sun, heat, and humidity then Orlando in summer is not the place to be. Park time is precious to me, and I would not want to take a break simply to avoid the heat. If this were my only choice then what I might do is book lunch ADR, use that as my main meal of the day, and take my time so that I get a good break during the peak temps.

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Just returned from WDW. It was 98 degrees on our Epcot day and 94 degrees on our MK day. I agree with all of the comments above. We used to go in April/May which was lovely. However, we have high school age kids who have a lot of testing during the school year and are active in sports. Not much choice of when to go. We survived by scheduling a lot of indoor attractions and attractions with A/C lines during the hot afternoon hours. In MK: Philharmagic, Hall of Presidents, It’s a Small World, Space Mountain, Tiki Room. In Epcot: Soarin’, Ellen’s Energy Adventure, Disney and Pixar Short Film Festival, Voices of Liberty, American Adventure, films at Canada, France, China. In AK: It’s a Bug’s Life, Nemo, Lion King. In HS: Great Movie Ride, Voyage of the Little Mermaid, (it’s difficult to escape the heat at HS). We also scheduled most of our meals in the mid-afternoon, and just snacked in the AM and at night. We tried to walk through shops and counter service restaurants on our way from one attraction to the next. This is easy on Main Street in MK , Future World in Epcot, and Sunset Blvd. in HS. Tough in AK. Each of us carried a small, portable hand-held fan with a water spray (very helpful!) We also used frogg toggs at times. Lastly, we stopped at a lot of snack stands and asked for cups of ice water. I really hate the heat, but with planning, we still had a great time! Good Luck!


Being born and raised in northern Michigan I feel your pain! We get some hot and humid here, but it’s usually limited to a day or two at a time, even in midsummer and it tends to be for just a few hours of the day. My niece and I are fairly adaptable to the Florida heat and humidity, but my sister and mother are not at all… they are miserable when it’s that hot and their mood kind of brings everyone down (which is why we usually leave them at home during summer trips!!).

One issue with your particular timing is that “start of July” for the US includes the 4th of July holiday, which is crazy busy at WDW. With longer lines you’re looking at considerably less time available to have some relaxation/pool time (which is the main way we survive our August trips). The one time we did the 4th of July the niece and I were totally exhausted at the end of 5 days… we ended up extending by 3 more days, but spent a ton of that time just swimming and doing shows and such. Is there any way you could make it sometime between the second week of July and the end of August? The crowds are still bigger than you’d have in the fall, but you avoid the holiday crowds then, and there tend to be more available discounts as well.

We thinking last 2 weeks of June. How’s that for heat and crowds?

Buy/bring a sun-umbrella and a water-spraying fan (you can buy the fans on-site at the parks, not sure about the umbrellas.)

We are also a UK family and went last two weeks in August. It was very hot but and humid but we coped OK. I was pleasantly surprised about how well the park coped with the heat - lots of AC, undercover queuing areas etc. If you take proper precautions (sun cream, hats, lots and lots of water) you will be fine. We didn’t leave the park during the day at all.

I think the time of year also helped us - the parks calm down during the last two weeks in Aug as the US kids go back to school and whilst it was hot it was crowded.

I wouldn’t let the heat put you off - just plan for it and take precautions and you will still have a great time !

It will be hotter than you’re used to at the end of June, but really not quite as hot as it gets in FL (think low 30s, with >50% humidity). The crowds will probably be moderate to moderately large (think CL 6-8 most days, with a day here or there at 5 or 9).

Thanks :blush:

I live in the area, and we went on May 24th. That is the latest in the year I would go. Our party which consisted of two middle agers, two young adults, two teenagers, and one child got exhausted by 4:00 in the heat on that day. It was 89 degrees with low humidity. We did the inside air conditioned rides like Splash, Mickey’s Philharmagic, Hall of Presidents, etc. from 4:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. By 7:00, we couldn’t take it anymore and went home. Everyone was crabby.

We are annual passholders and we take every opportunity to go, but today, I am sitting out on my patio watching the kids swim in our pool, and I’m sitting in the shade, and I would not even consider going. It’s 94 degrees with 50% humidity. I’m miserable just sitting here watching the kids, and I’m not even in the direct sun.

It really feels oppressively hot by 10:00 a.m. and stays that way until 8:00 p.m. You literally feel like you are being roasted.

That being said, I just moved here from the Midwest from the state of Iowa, and it doesn’t feel any hotter here than it does there this time of year. I don’t know how Iowa compares with Ireland.

Me too. I live in the Orlando area, and am an annual pass holder and haven’t been there since May, and no plans to go in the near future.

It’s all relative - Boston, MA had the same weather as Orlando today (90+, 60% humidity), but we’re 1300 miles further north and directly on the cold North Atlantic.

Hydrate. That’s the biggest takeaway from anything. Not thirsty? Drink water anyway. Did I mention water?

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I just returned from WDW even though I swore I would never go in the hot, summer months. However, this was a short, adults only business trip so I managed to push through. Since I am from Lousiana I knew exactly what to expect and knew that I would have to go slower than I would normally tour. But with good Plan, patience, and lots and lots of water I was able to do all of the rides and shows I wanted to in 3 park days. Our family trips are around Mardi Gras and will remain that way. There were so many kids having meltdowns mid-afternoon. They were hot and cranky. I toured from pre-rope drop to post fireworks and was exhausted by the end of the day. This is not what I recommend for families. Take the afternoon break!!! I had a fan, frog togg, hat, sunscreen, and water bottles in my bag. And simply accepted that I would be drenched all day. I did outdoor queue rides first thing in the morning and indoor attractions and shows in the afternoon. I also visited Princess Fairytale Hall early in the day so I would look nice for the pictures and not like my face was melting off.

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