June Crowds

We are booked at WDW week of 6/13/15 to 6/20/15. Looks like it’s going to be crowded. When I look at the crowd calendar, airfares, resort and restaurant availability, last week of June looks better for crowds. Can anyone comment?

June is crowded. Period. I don’t think it will make that huge of a difference one week to the next. We will be there the 18-26th. Went same time last year. It was crowded but doable with a good TP and RD most days.

I went to the world four times in 2014. My trip from June 28-Juky 4 was amazing! The crowds arrived on the 3rd. Before that you could walk in all the parks- there was empty space all around you! It may have been a glitch in the schedule but an empty World Showcase is an amazing experience.

Thanks. It looks like that is going to be the case for 2015 as well. We thought with all of the winter school closings in the north this year that late June would be more crowded than earlier in the month. But if you look at the crowd calendar, that is not the prediction.

I think the calendar may be based on what happened last year. I must say I traveled in May, June/July, October and December. That week in June was great. Although I am sure you will enjoy yourself whatever you decide.

We are going June 16-23. It will be hot. It will rain every day. It will be crowded. And we will have the time of our lives! When we went in June two years ago, some days were listed as a 5 some were 8. We could really not tell a difference between them. The rain is a blessing. Poncho up and brave the rain. The park will be next to empty. We were able to walk on many rides during the rain.

This will be our first time ever going in June (we always go in the off season). What can we expect with the rain as far as how severe and how long it tends to last? Also, did it typically rain mid afternoon or did it vary? I’m coming prepared with ponchos and umbrellas, but any input would be helpful so we know what to expect.

We’ve not been to WDW in June, but used to live in Florida for 5 yrs. Thundershowers tend to arrive in the late afternoon as humidity builds up. The downpours can be very heavy, but usually don’t last that long. As long as you have rain gear, it shouldn’t ruin your whole day. Hint: make sure you are near an overhead shelter when a storm is coming. Last year in May we had a brief storm at the MK, and people were scrambling to find any space with a roof! Good luck!

I think my MK FPs were rescheduled almost every day of my trip. I always book my FPs for the park I hop to. I would get an email with my choices or an “anytime” FPs since attractions such as Big Thunder and 7DMT will shut down.

Thanks for the info! This helps me get an idea for what to expect. I’m planning to head back to the hotel in the afternoons so my 4yo can nap. Hopefully we can dodge most of the rain storms. I tried to make most of my fast passes for the mornings or later at night. @PrincipalTinker, its good to know that they will reschedule fast passes that have to be missed due to weather, that was the next question I had :smile:.

Afternoon showers are most typical. We were unlucky enough to be there when a tropical storm hung around so the rain was more frequent. Couple things I learned from experience - Buy $0.97 ponchos. You can get them at Walmart. One for each member of the family for every park day. I have 28 of them for our coming trip. We had high quaility ones last time, but by the end of the week they were pretty ripe! LOL Better to just be able to throw them away after every day. Also, bring a huge travel size storage bag to put them in in your backpack while you ride. You will have to take off your ponchos before boarding and holding on to wet ponchos is no fun. Third, get good sandals. We only had our sneakers! Walking aroudn in wet socks and sneakers is so uncomfortable and they never fully dried all week.


Looks like the crowd predictions for mid to late June just went way up. I thought it looked a little too good to be true! I wonder what caused the change? Any ideas?

I wish I knew. My dates are all 8 or 9s now. Rope drop will be a must for MK now. My family likes to sleep in so we will get late starts on AK and EP days, but will have to RD for HS too so we can sign up for JTA

I am so disappointed in this. I’ve been emailing and questioning these predictions for months, but they never changed…

I just re-evaluated all of my personalized TP’s, and nothing changed. I wonder if the changes in crowd predictions have not yet been incorporated into the TP software.

I also evaluated my plans again and none of my wait times went up by more than a minute. Hopefully it will stay this way but I will definitely evaluate again in a week

Same here…reevaluated and only changed by about a minute.

@PrincipalTinker After yesterday’s crowd level prediction revisions, I changed my week from 6/13-6/20 to 6/26-7/3. I hope I have the same luck you did last year! Fingers are crossed!

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The blog post said that they just initiated a new crowd rating system, so the numbers are different, but technically nothing changes in terms of wait time. Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me personally…