June 4-11: Special Olympics Crowds

We have a trip booked for May 14-21 but may need to switch it to June 4-11 so the kids miss fewer days of school (NYC has two days off that week).

However, I just saw this is the week that Orlando is hosting the Special Olympics. Any sense of how much that will impact crowds?

Also, is the first week of June that much worse from a rain perspective? I just found out June is the rainiest month in Orlando.

All advice appreciated!

Beginning of June is nice, been a few times. Rain gets more likely toward the mid- end of June. The weather is warm but still manageable, IMO.

It just depends on the year! We have had very rainy first week of June trips and others not so much. It does rain daily typically in June.

I dint think there is any time to compare…were the special olympics ever held in Orlando before? I have a trip booked that week as well and now I am thinking of changing. No offense to the special olympics, they are wonderful. Looks like most of the games will be at ESPN WW of sports and looks like they are encouraging people to book a disney resort hotels. Not sure how many people will decide to make a trip to the parks as well? Wonder how the number of people wojld compare to the pop warner/cheer competitions of the past?

So, looks like special olympics will draw about 5500 athletes and families where pop warner/cheer draws about 10000? Just on first glance, so maybe not as much of an impact? I have been there during the pop warner and the impact of crowds in the park were not bad.