June 2021

Hi there! I hope you can help me with some advice about timing and hotel choice. We are considering our first WDW trip in June 2021 once my daughter gets out of school. Do you think it will be miserable with the heat and masks? It will be my husband’s & daughter’s first trip. We had to cancel last spring due to Covid and we have been dying to go ever since. Should we just wait a year or take the plunge? Also, if we do go in June - I am wavering between a deluxe (Wilderness Lodge) or a value (AOA). It’s a thousand dollar difference but I’m wondering if it’s worth it to have a nicer hotel since we may want to go back mid-day. Thank you all!

My backup plan is Hawaii if we don’t make it to WDW this year.


My son and I went in August last year and we didn’t find it overly oppressive with the heat and masks - bear in mind we usually go in June and August each year so we knew what we were getting into. Just need to remember to step aside and drink plenty - usually I swig regularly while walking or waiting in lines so it’s not an issue. It’s harder when you need to pull over and be away from anyone to take a drink.

If it was our first trip, I probably would delay. Not because of the masks or the heat, but because so much is missing from the experience at the moment - the various nighttime shows and fireworks, lack of meet and greets, many of the ‘extras’ unavailable. I have a hard time spending the same amount of money for what I know is only part of the experience. But I think that is the decision everyone has to make up for themselves. We went in October and August, but we had our annual passes then (I didn’t renew in January because I didn’t find the value). Again, though, to each his or her own.

Great back up plan! I actually put my June dates into a spreadsheet last night (first time I have done that since 2019). June will be hot but my trips in June have not been as hot as August and September.

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Thank you for your reply. I do understand a lot is missing. We are very close to Disneyland and I think I could plan a day trip when those parks open with those extras. My daughter (will be 7 in April) is very much into the rides and living in CA, we haven’t had amusement parks open for a year. I talked to her about Hawaii (since it’s actually pretty affordable coming from CA) but she really loves rides the most.


I am going to get out my spreadsheets too! I really want to go to Hawaii for spring break but I’m afraid of a Covid spike from the variants. My DH oversees the Covid unit at a hospital so he won’t be able to leave during a spike.


We had our first ever trip planned for last June and are now booked again for June 2021. I realize it’s going to be hot, but summer is the only time we can go. I was also wavering on a nicer resort but ultimately decided to stick with Pop for the Skyliner. I am the most hesitant about having to wear a mask in the heat but we decided it wasn’t going to stop us. Without the dining plan we won’t be doing as many sit-down restaurants and plan to do mostly counter service. I know I’m going to miss seeing the fireworks on the castle the most but we decided not to wait another year. It’s either Disney or summer school and I know what I choose!!

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We live in Washington State and we (me and my DD20 and DD17) went to WDW in August 2020. Was the heat oppressive? YES! But the masks were not really that big of a deal to us. There were times in every day where I thought … I can’t do this! We would find somewhere with AC and cool off whether it was an indoor attraction or a shop or a restaurant. We made it through six straight park days and had a great time. Just be prepared to feel hot and sticky and gross. Also, bring an umbrella so you can create your own shade. Best advice I received!

Do you go to DLR regularly? We do so weren’t that concerned about the reduced offerings like fireworks and nighttime shows. Our main goal was to ride the rides we don’t have in Cali and experience the ambiance of the different parks. We would have enjoyed some of the missing things, but it wasn’t a deal breaker for us.


I have been to FL in the summer before and the humidity is always a shock for this CA native. I grew up with Disney (AP as a kid/preteen, was a cast member through college, etc) but we had only gone a few times with my DD. The crowds were always too much for us. We would go each year doing DD’s birthday and then the pandemic hit. She doesn’t really remember her Disney trips. We will be one of the many anxious to visit the CA park when it opens. I’m hoping the AP revamp will help the crowds.

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I hope so too! There were times we would be there and the crowds were okay in the morning, but as the day went into evening it would just get so crowded! By fireworks time, you couldn’t hardly move.

I think you can have a fun trip even without some of the things that are missing. While there aren’t character meet and greets or parades, there are the cavalcades and places where you can see characters just out and about. Everything is physically distanced, but I kind of like it that. There’s a place at Epcot where you can often see Winnie the Pooh or Joy from Inside Out. Mary Poppins might be in the England area and Anna from Frozen in Norway. We’ve seen Captain Jack Sparrow by Pirates and Buzz in Tomorrowland. Plus some of the character meals are still happening but with the characters at a distance. It’s still fun to me!

Every family has to make their own decisions of course. But if you’re wishing for some Disney (and maybe just to go somewhere!) I would do it in your place.

Thank you for all the advice! It sounds like you saw more characters than we did at Disneyland (having to wait in lines just to see the characters). It’s probably easier to see them when they are socially distanced. We never waited to watch the parades so the cavalcades sound great!

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It will be very oppressive with the masks. Its doable (I went last august) but you have to do your research and be very aware of what your drinking/hydration. My DD6 had fun but it was really tough on both of us. We took lots of breaks at the indoor “relaxation stations” and went back to swim every afternoon.

Its really a tough, personal choice on how (un)comfortable you want to be

Thank you for your reply. Yeah, that is why I have hesitated to go during this time. I wanted to book for spring break but Covid is so uncertain and I feel the shame of taking DD across the country, then putting her right back in-person school. Also, I’m afraid if the variants hit and there is a fourth wave in spring, we definitely won’t be able to go. The numbers in CA are still pretty high even though they are down from their peak. My DH can’t go during a Covid surge because of work.

Update - I decided to book for WL on these dates since it is less expensive than I have seen this resort in the past ($350/night). I can always cancel/reschedule but wanted to lock in the rate. Hopefully, this trip will stick!

WL is reopening on June 6 which is the day I booked. I’m hopeful all will be running smoothly for opening day!


The pool looks so fun there! And the lobby is amazing. Plus a boat to MK! You will enjoy it for sure.

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We are also booked at WL for opening day. It may be a gamble, but it could mean an upgrade if they’re behind schedule!


Awesome! That’s what I was thinking too! If they don’t open or if there is a snag maybe we will get something better! I would be happy with any of the deluxe hotels but it looks shaded at WL with all the trees so I thought that may help for summer. I’ve only stayed at Coronado (before the new tower) and I was not a fan.