June 2021? Any thoughts on what might be back?

Sounds right.

A lot depends on how much vaccine is available and how many people get the vaccine. We should know more about that in the spring. I know a number of people in my area who work in hospitals and have been vaccinated already and only 1 who declined (she wants to see what happens over the next couple months). Most of my friends say they will get the vaccine as soon as it is available to them. I suspect, however, that in some areas of the country, people are more skeptical of the vaccine than my area.

Of course, there is also the terrible scenario where one of these mutations proves resistant to the vaccine (I sure hope not).

Update: 5 minutes ago, she texted a photo of her getting the vaccine. She changed her mind and decided to get it.

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That’s great! Impatiently waiting for my turn. I will lose it completely if June ends up being too optimistic! Good news on the testing front…We are going to be able to start testing at school in January. Asymptomatic and as much capacity as we can manage! Never been so happy to add more work to my day!

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