June 2016 crowd levels

I am currently planning a trip for June 2016. Why are the crowd levels so much higher for the week of June 5th than the week of June 12th? Most sites suggest going in early June as opposed to mid to late June because some schools aren’t out yet, but the crowd levels during the week of the 5th look frighteningly high. Is it because of the effect SWW had on previous years? Thanks for any advice you can give!

Interested as well. I’m hoping they were raised as a result of the increase in attendance this fall/winter and they will be re-adjusted. We’ve usually gone this first full week of June and didn’t see any extreme crowds.

Also planning for early June - wondering if many schools (like ours) are out unusually early this year?

Good to know. I’ve gone in late June before but never early June.

isn’t the LGBT week the first week of June?

Yes. I believe it’s June 2-5 this year (Thursday through Sunday).