June 1st FPP Availability looks a lot better

Today is the 30 day mark for June 1st FPP selection, the same day for booking new resort reservations.

I am an AP holder and I’ve been watching the limited availability and selection of FPP.

I just decided to take a look at what’s available today and the selection is vastly greater than what has been available in prior days. I’m not going to guess what that means but it is a little encouraging.

AK has everything available except FOP and PW.
MK has everything except 7DMT & BTMRR.
EPCOT has everything but Spaceship Earth (scheduled to close on May 26th).
HS is the most limited, all Toy Story Land rides gone along with MMRR & MFSR but everything else still open.


I cancelled all my FP once I cancelled my flights. Figured I’d rather make them available for others in case it’s open. Looks like others may have done the same.