Jump in hotel prices HRH

Hi everyone- So I am planning to stay at Hard Rock in Sept with my family of 5 in a Deluxe Queen Resort. Our dates are Sept 20-27. Ive been looking up these rates quite frequently and have always come across Stay more Save more rate. Now that my vacation is approved and I am ready to book my flight , the stay more save more rate is gone! there is only seasonal left which is significantly more. I find it really odd that the cheaper rate is available for pretty much any other date in Sept except for the ones I’ve been searching .
So my question is, has anyone every heard of hotels bumping up the price or removing discounts based on certain dates being looked at ( not booked) frequently? I have heard of this happening with airline tickets so I am curious if its a similar situation. At this point, do I try to change my dates or gamble that if i wait it out a bit, the savings will come back.
so confused! and Sept is supposed to be a quiet time, I can’t imagine there are that many rooms booked already…

Have you looked to see if some of your dates are available? What is you go from the 20-24? I am wondering if it is a HHN weekend issue?

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Try using Incognito/private mode in your browser. When I plug in those dates, I see several Save More rates. However, there is no Deluxe Queen room availability at that rate.

It is during HHN for sure, that’s one of the reasons we are going at that time. Im jsut kicking myself because the discount rates were there yesterday and I was just pending vacation approval. I should have just booked knowing I could cancel. Sept 10-17 is available but flights are much more more expensive for us on those dates ( flying from Canada).

@ryan1 - I do see it for other rooms as well, but Deluxe Queen is a must. I have a large 16 yr old who will not be comfortable on a cot for a week- need that sofa bed! lol
Ill keep any eye and see if anything changes in the coming weeks I guess…Thanks!!

Given how many different room types they have, I think it is very likely they don’t have very many of each kind…and they probably reserve a few at the standard rate.

So, I guess I’m saying I think they probably DID book that room type at that rate. There aren’t many on the cheaper end that accommodate five people, so I can image they go faster.

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There does seem to be available for these dates. You might consider booking as many nights at this rate as you can, and then for the 24-27, switch to a different hotel, etc.

ETA: Actually, availability at this rate is there from 20-26. So you would just need one night (the 26-27) somewhere else.

Technically, you could book the entire time and not change hotels, but you’d have to pay full price for the last night. Just do it as two bookings instead of one. (You might have to change rooms.)

If it were me I’d call the hotel and ask. They might surprise you with other discounts that you wouldn’t have known were available too, but you’d have to ask. The hotel I used for our trip, Portofino, did sell out all of the discounted rooms except for the highest categories when we were there over Thanksgiving week. I had to call to book my room b/c we had the military discount. I tried to get my friend who had his own room the FL resident discount, which had been announced much later than the military one, but it sold out very fast.

I tried calling, no luck. But when I add an extras day - Sept 19-27 the discount appears again and it works out to be cheaper.Soo frustrating. So for now I’ve booked an extra day , even though we still wont arrive until the 20. Ill try to call closer to the date to modify the booking and see if the same savings will apply. If not, at least my room is secured for the entire time and the rate is better than paying seasonal. Thanks everyone!!

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Yes, I will admit I have had that weekend booked for about 3 months now. HHN XXX is something I am really looking forward to!


Last year I had booked HRH for 4 nights at a discounted rate as I wasn’t sure how many nights we would be at WDW vs. UOR. Once we confirmed our dates, I wanted to drop the first night. I called many many times, and was told there were no rooms available and if I dropped the night my rate would be much higher; it was less expensive to keep and pay for the night we weren’t there than to change it. Finally, the day before our supposed check-in I called the front desk of HRH and they were happy to drop the first night keeping my rate the same. I suggest if unable to change prior to then, you do the same.

If you end up keeping the booking but not arriving until the next day, make sure you call them on the booked arrival day. We know someone that missed a flight so didn’t travel until the next day and the hotel marked her as a no show and cancelled the whole reservation and gave her room away! They had to find a new hotel.

great suggestion, thanks!

I will for sure. I tried to book an extra day at the end of my trip to avoid that situation but it only worked if i booked a day early. Ill be sure to let them know the situation the day of arrival

I was wondering about that.