July FP and ticket extension

My FP window opens tomorrow and a thought occurred to me. Our tickets from April were changed by MDE to be used anytime before 12/15. What happens if I change our tix to our July trip and then we decide to not go? Would the tickets retain the offer through 12/15? Is it an easy fix to cancel ticket dates on MDE once you’ve already set them?

You can’t modify ticket dates yourself. Only Disney can do that. So if your tickets are valid through 12/15, then that’s the valid date. If you don’t go in July, they will still be valid until 12/15.

It is kind of like buying a date-based ticket…but instead of only having a small validity window, it is quite large.

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So I can just go in an make FP for those dates? For any dates up until 12/15? Hmmm…haha. Not that FP may even be needed, but that’s a whole other can of worms :woman_shrugging:t3:

Well, not exactly. You are still limited to the 30 day/60 day limitations of off-site/on-site.

But, assuming you were staying on site…then if you place to be there on, say, July 15, then you could start booking FPs May 16. (If staying off site, then you could start booking them on June 15.)

If you decide not to go, those FPPs just go away…but it doesn’t affect the validity date of the tickets. Since you didn’t start using the tickets, the tickets are still valid.

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Only on dates for which you have a resort stay 60 days out or 30 days out if not onsite

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Gotcha! Thank you as always for excellent info!! Now I have to decide if it’s worth waking up early to get FP we probably won’t use.

I’m doing mine Thursday - figure it’s a fun game to play for a few minutes even if I might not get the payoff

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I actually went ahead and canceled…DVC rental was able to reimburse us with credits. Tbh I’m very relieved to not have to keep such a close eye on June/July, it was causing a lot of stress. We’re still booked for a short August trip and again in mid-September. But both of those will be determined by park limitations and of course what’s going on health-wise.

What dates were you booked with DVC Rental for? I am booked with them for 7/17 - 7/25 and am seriously considering cancelling. I haven’t paid my balance which is due 6/2. I would totally take a credit on a future booking (maybe for next summer). I am just totally in limbo and hoping things work out ok. I’ve got this and non-refundable flights, date based tickets and dining plan dollars all tied up. I’ve been waiting this thing out waiting to see whether or not Disney stays closed for those dates, so I can unravel this thing.

We were originally booked for April-May. At that time the only offer was for them to let the member try to rebook the points so we could get a refund or we had the option to rebook at a later date (depending on when the members points expire). We had a lot of back-and-forth due to DH work over the summer and our members points expire July 31, so we had a limited window. We were able to rebook for July 5-12 and literally days later they made their announcement about giving credits.

We waited it out a couple of weeks, but July was just making me too nervous so I reached out. They originally said the credit would be for renters whose trips were cancelled or who weren’t able to rebook. But they gave us the credit anyways. I didn’t mention the original statement and neither did our TA. I don’t remember for sure, but I think the language was something like any reservations impacted by the closure were eligible. I would definitely reach out! The peace of mind I have now has helped so much; didn’t realize what a weight it was! You’ll have the 24 months to make a new reservation, which is nice given we have no clue how long all this will take. Keep up posted!

Thanks for the info. I will reach out to my TA. I agree that we have no idea how long this is going to be. I just don’t feel right about putting my DS and DD in an environment like this. They are 18 and 22 and this would have been our 9th trip celebrating my son’s HS Graduation. Obviously, DW is a germy place to start with and we have all gotten sick on trips before. However, I am in the 50 - 59 age range and it may not be a good idea to be one of the early risk-takers. I’d feel much better about booking next summer for the 50th Anniversary.