July crowd vs. Spring break crowd

Lately the spring break crowd has been 100% of the 35% cap. I have a trip booked July 3-9. Will the crowd be at the same level as Spring break during my trip? (I know no one has a crystal ball…)

My family always visit WDW in late July/early August and the pre-covid crowd level didn’t bother us because we used FP+ on every ride. Now without FP+, I am concerned with the wait time. A 45 minutes wait in line sounds more horrible than the heat and covid.

The local news has been reporting that CM-actors are starting to be called back which means some shows will open allowing for a greater disbursement of crowds and allowing for greater crowds. I can’t remember if it was local news or the paper that mentioned 70% capacity by summer but it was speculation NOT a Disney rep.

I also heard a report that parks are currently at 40% but I don’t know if that was confirmed .