July 4th for a Brit

We have, finally, fixed the dates for our visit this year. Our last full two days will be the 3td and 4th July. We plan to do the MK fireworks in the 3rd (followed by evening EMH) and then visit Epcot on the afternoon / evening of the 4th. We are expecting heavy crowds and we will Ben okay with them. As a British family this will be our first time in the US on 4th July - what else should I be looking to see/do to get a real sense of the occasion?

You will be required to dress head to toe in the US flag.

All food must be cooked on the grill or deep fried.

Also, gun ownership is mandatory. You will be issued one upon arrival if you don’t have your own.

Or were you asking specifically about WDW? If that’s the case i can’t help.




You could try carrying around a British flag all day at Epcot and see what reactions you get :slight_smile: And wear Red Coats :slight_smile: And call out “The British are coming, the British are coming!”
OK, not helpful. But would be pretty funny.
I actually think it will be super fun to be there on the 4th – I never have been but I’m guessing there will be extra decorations and shows, probably fun special food at the America pavilion,


If I were you, I’d let it be known I’m British, I think it could be fun. I’d have a t-shirt that has a Mickey head made out of the stars & strips

On the back it could say “I’m British and I approve of this message.” :grin: Or something similar.

I remember being in the Irish Republic on the 4th and I was genuinely touched by how nice people were, we were at the Cliffs of Moher and they went out of their way to acknowledge the day, it was sweet.


In all seriousness, try to find a 4th of July parade in the area if you are staying offsite (or even onsite if you have a car or can uber). I’m not saying it will be exciting, I’m not even guaranteeing it will be fun. What it will be is American (it will be loud, flashy and possibly even smell a little weird). If it is like my hometown parade it will be filled with firetrucks, local school bands, etc. Where I’m from, they’re usually in the late morning, so you might be able to fit it in before an afternoon at Epcot.

Also, only eat or drink things that Americans invented. I’m talking about beer, bratwurst, pizza, wine, etc. All the things that we Americans know we made first. :wink:

Edit: Forgot breakfast. I suggest some delicious American Belgian waffles with maple syrup. Maybe even some crepes.

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Eat a hamburger

Drink a beer

Have some apple pie and ice cream!

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Visit Voices of Liberty at Epcot on the 4th to experience some good singing and patriotic songs.