July 4th fireworks and After Dessert Party review

Hi Guys,

I would like to post a review with pictures of our 4th of July trip including the After Deseert Party. I don’t use Instagram of Facebook. Whats the easiest way to post pictures and is there a size limit? TIA


Sorry to have missed you! I was there too along with @GothelKnowsBest.

To upload photos you hit the little bar with the up arrow & select which ones you want. Not sure about size limits!

Dang You’re fast!

Ha I am stuck at the airport waiting on my delayed flight. Nothing better to do!

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Couple of pictures before it got delayed, then when it started raining, glad we had ponchos. the Tip about viewing from the back fence is a good tip, we were right where the photo pass photographer was at before he made a beeline for the exit when the rain came!


Given how crowded the walkway was to get to registration to be allowed into the grass viewing area, my opinion is that the after party for us was a wise choice since you can leisurely wait for the crowds to thin out, then go get your dessert and enjoy it especially if the park stays open late like it did that night.


Great pictures thank you for sharing.

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Ah I totally talked to you! I was in yellow poncho on back railing! You have a beautiful family!

Here is what I look like:


Too Funny! Talk about a small world! It was good to chat with you! We had a blast. Stayed till park close. Rode Splash twice and the tomorrowland speedway once.

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Man, those clouds look ominous over the bright lights! Thanks for the feedback- looking forward to our after party in Oct!

Great pics - thanks for sharing

So it seems like the after party doesn’t have a lot of attendance.
I wonder if it is selling, but people are not actually going in for the desert?
Everyone on here that has gone mentioned how few people were there after the fireworks and how much food was getting wasted.
If they are selling and people are not getting the food, it makes me worried that they will just start selling prime views without anything else. Otherwise, I can’t imagine they are going to keep this going for so few people being there.

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