July 4th arrival day with Express Pass - feedback on general plan

I know July 4th is generally bananas at theme parks. We are landing at MCO at 2pm, with no checked bags, so will uber to RPR, drop bags, and head to IOA, likely entering IOA around 4.15pm-ish if all goes well.

We will have 2 more full days with EP at both parks so this is just our July 4th adrenaline rush evening!

I am thinking we will just make our way left around the lake?

Would allotting an avg of 25-30 minutes per ride with EP, maybe 40 minutes for Forbidden Journey and Hogwarts Express, make sense? Touring plans has projected hours for USF as 8/9am-10pm and for IOA as 8/9-9pm.

Is the below doable with Express Passes?
the Hulk
(skip Toon)
Forbidden Journey
Three Broomsticks (dinner) if line is reasonable, if not, QS somewhere else
Hogwarts Express - Hogsmeade to DA
Hogwarst Express Return - Diagon Alley to Hogsmeade
Jump in line for Hagrid’s
Depart from IOA, walk back to RPR

Express Pass, (UXP), is going to take about 1/3 - 1/2 of the posted wait times. You’ll have about 4.5 - 5 hours to do the attractions listed. If this weren’t a holiday weekend, I’d say it can be easily done.

I still think this list is possible, especially if you know your way around the parks. However, I’d be prepared to cut the round trip on HE to DA and/or a meal at Three Broomsticks.

You will be “walking with a purpose” as I like to say and not strolling around looking at the scenery

Good luck!

I’ll think we’ll cut out Three Broomsticks - I researched and it seems like a very looong commitment for our first night. Will take too much time.

Any recommendations on decent QS from Marvel land through to Hogsmeade?

Wimpy’s in Toon Lagoon is the best hamburger inside the parks. (Probably in the top 5 at Universal)

They make them fresh to order and not in large batches. It will take a couple minutes to get it.


If you insist on staying on that side of the park, then Thunder Falls Terrace is my #2 choice.

I think Mythos, which is near Hogsmeade, is just “ok”. They have a couple items that are great, but I’ve had “meh” experiences overall.

My favorites places to eat at IOA are Wimpy’s and Green Eggs and Ham. The tots at GE&H are amazing! Again, it’s because they are made fresh to order. However, I know it’s not on your route.

Pro Tip - Those tots are the best breakfast item in the parks too! (There’s a variety & I love them all except Pizza Tots. They use a cheap spaghetti sauce on that one that I loathe!)

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Oh. This is perfect! Those jalapeño tots are seriously up my alley. Thanks for the pro tips. It will be better on our first night to power through and do rides. We’ll do Wimpy’s that first night, then catch Green Eggs and Ham when we are back there the next few days.

Good to know on Mythos. It seems so highly rated, but I’m likely the only one in my party to love their menu anyway.