July 2019 MM Share

I’ve seen June and August Memory Maker share groups, but nothing for July. I’m looking to join a group, thanks!

Hi Adam, I’m in the July liner Facebook group. We might have a spot - I’m just waiting to hear back from someone.

What are your travel dates?

Will be there 7/12-18. Please let me know if there is a spot. Thanks!

How did you find the TP Facebook group corresponding to your month?

I didn’t find a liner group but here is a July 2019 Disney group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1740126082894403/


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Did you ever find a group? I would really like to join one. Trip dates are June 28 to July 5

Hi, and welcome! Wish we had a spot for you in ours, but we’re already set. Have you joined the July Liners fbook group? You might post there. I believe there is a memory maker share Facebook group too (not just liners) full of people going to Disney who want to do one. If you find people and no one is willing to lead, I can walk through how to set everything up.