July 2017 Crowds

Hello! I’m planning a trip to DisneyWorld for the week of July 2-8, 2017. The Touringplan crowd calendars show overall crowds between 6 and 7 for that time frame. However other Disney planning sites rate overall crowds at 9 and 10 during the same time. I’ve also read accounts of how crazy crowded July 4th week is. Does anyone have any idea why there is such a variance between the different crowd calendars?

Last July there were low crowds. Perhaps they predicting another Zika scare. Also, This Spring has had larger than average crowds. They are usually off by 1 or 2 levels. So they could just be wrong. Or maybe they expecting smaller crowds as more people visit in the Spring.

That being said, it would be nice if they explained the crowd level predictions. Because I too expect the crowd level to be closer to a 9 than a 7.

I posted a similar question earlier and you can find the responses I received here Crowd levels over July 4th week . We have decided to move forward with our plan to be there that week. I also went back and checked crowd history over that week and it seems like TP might have good reasons for their predictions. Also, we were there last June on days that ended up being larger crowds than predicted and our TPs still worked great. Had I not gone back and checked, I would have never known it was several levels higher than I had planned for. Our plan and scheduled still worked almost exactly as expected. So I think the TP really does matter a lot more than the CL

Thanks! I forgot about the Zika scare. Now the low historical crowd numbers make sense.

The link to your question about the same topic is greatly appreciated! I think we’ll go for it! (With a good touring plan in-hand!)

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Even if you look back for years before Zika though, the CL history appears to support their predictions for this year. If anything, Zika could lower CL further but their predictions seem to make sense even without that factored in. I expect it will be very busy but I’m hopeful that it won’t be unbearably so.

See you there :wink:

We went during 4th of July week last year and it was butts to nuts at any park around firework time any night and the parks were crazy crowded during the day. People our with ropes and signs for crowd control busy.