July 1st & 2nd

I am having to push our visit back a week later than originally planned, which will bring us into the beginning of July. I would want to do MK on July 1st & 2nd (which is a Fri. & Sat.) & then we would leave on the 3rd. The crowd calendar lists these days as a 6 right now. Should I trust that? I am worried it is going to be crazy busy since so close to the holiday. Anyone have any experience on those days?

we were in the parks those days this year and even on the 3rd (did TTDP). It was crowded, but not unmanagable. We had a good touring plan and fastpasses so didn’t wait longer than 15 min for anything. You’ll be fine. (crowd levels were predicted as 8s, ended up being 6s and 7s)