July 15 Epcot FP+

Is every FP legitimately gone for this date or is there some type of reporting error? I find it hard to believe they’re all gone, but if that is the case, definitely chanigng plans…

Boy, I’d be hard pressed to think that’s accurate . . . I see the TP availability says “done”, but man that seems like a glitch to me…

I believe it is a glitch also. June 19th @ HS has the same issue - “Distribution: Done” for all attractions. MDE shows availability though. I bet this gets cleared up after the next TP sync overnight.

This happened to me a few times this morning when I was doing the FPs for our trip (arrival is on 7/15). I just moved on to a different day and came back…and it was fine then.

Shows this on MDE? Or just TP availability ?

I don’t know about MDE. I’m not in my window (offsite). I was just looking and getting a feel for what the different time slots were and making plan a, plan b, etc.I saw that and thought “if thats accurate no way am I going to epcot that day” :slight_smile: