Jul 6/7 particularly low crowds, why?

Hi - I am looking at planning a Disneyland trip late June or early July. For some reason July 6/7 has 3 level crowds whereas all the days around it have 7s or 8s. Any idea why? Is it due to the July 4 holiday? Also strange that it would be less crowded on a weekend.

Planning to schedule my trip around it so want to make sure it is accurate. Thanks!

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Saturdays in the summer typically have the highest number of Annual Passes blocked and peak pricing for those coming with 1 day ticket so it makes weekends less attractive for out of town passholders and tends to thin the crowds. The last few years has seen Saturdays in the summer become very doable & lower crowd level days.

HOWEVER, with the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge May 31, I wouldn’t count on anything feeling low crowds at DLR for awhile. Also, the crowd levels for July haven’t been adjusted fully for the impact of the new land opening as TouringPlans are waiting to see how the numbers roll in for June with the opening of SWGE & then will make adjustments as needed for July. There are some really low CLs in July that I don’t expect will stick once that happens. But that’s just my own personal guess not knowing and fully understanding the full detail of the data that they use to calculate the CL.


Thanks Lolabear. Your explanation on the weekends really helped me understand that. I saw some other posts that said that crowd levels might actually be lower based on swge not being fully operational (1 of the rides won’t be complete till aug). Thoughts?