Judge My Plans Please!

Looking for any and all judgment/advice! FP day is fast approaching and I’ll take all the help I can get. Last time we were at Disney we got engaged. Now we are back with 2 kids and the grandparents!

Traveling Party:: DH, me, DD5, DS2 (food allergies) , GM (grandma), GP (grandpa).

Some Info: I tried to leave a good amount of time free in the plans to account for bathroom breaks/snacks/shopping. We usually do snacks through the day instead of a real lunch. With DS having multiple allergies, I have table dinners set for 90 minutes. Not sure if thats too much or too little since we have to wait for the chef to talk to us.

So let the madness begin::::

Sun Jan 5 - arrival, Disney Springs day with bippity boppity appointment for DD. Dinner at D-Lux Burger.

Mon Jan 6 - https://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=3522974 We have the rivers of light package, so I’m not sure what time we should arrive to the show at. DD and DH can go off and explore while I try to get DS to nap.

Tues Jan 7 - https://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=3522984 Hardest day since there isn’t so much at HS for us. Not sure if I’ll be able to score slinky - I’ll rope drop otherwise. Would like to do the Millennium Falcon, but depends on wait time. Can you do child swap with singer rider?

Wed Jan 8 - https://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=3522911 GM and GP arrive and will join us after resort check in. If they have a 9am airport arrival, is noon an ok guess at park arrival? Don’t think we’ll be doing the extra hours at night with the young kids.

Wed Jan 8 - https://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=3913834 Nap plan for everyone else while I try to get DS to rest.

Thurs Jan 9 - https://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=3522952 This plan is a little wonky, me and DD will be running around the world showcase a bit to meet the princesses and then backtracking to get back with the others in the group. Planning to rope drop soarin/journey of the imagination. Split the group up depending who wants to do soarin.

Fri Jan 10 - https://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=3522918 Will use EMH in the am for sure. I saw somewhere that it would be a good idea to rope drop jungle cruise/pirates first? Thoughts?

Fri Jan 10 - https://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=3913855 nap plan for everyone else while I try to get DS to rest.

I find TS usually takes 75-90 mins. We have the chef talk to us. From my experience, the chefs are great and very accommodating of allergies and food restrictions.

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Going to try and look at each day in turn. Totally agree with the general idea of allowing plenty of down time with little ones.

Mon 6th Jan

Main point would be to do Triceraptops Spin after ROL and then go to Pandora and Tree of Life. Otherwise you are adding on a significant amount of unnecessary walking.

Also depending on the kids’ you may find they want more time in the Boneyard! But since you are just going to the Maharajah Trek afterwards, that would be fine. Worst case, little one falls asleep before seeing the tigers.

You could also explore the Gorilla Falls trail after, even if little one is fast asleep. I love that trail, not only the gorillas but swimming hippos from an underwater vantage point.

Also, I would go to the Safari after Navii. Then head back to the Discovery Trails and the Meet & Greet. Again saves time, plus trails and outpost are closer together. And if they want more time looking at animals you aren’t dragging them away to make the Safari FP, instead you can say “we’re going to meet Mickey, then we can see some more animals if you want”.

Sorry, this feedback is backwards lol!

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3:25 ADR at Tusker House followed by FOP (with RS) and ten 6:30 Rivers of Light could get very tight time-wise. You might be ok if all goes quick and there are no unexpected diaper change/potty breaks, but it’s tight. Can you move Tusker House to 3:00 pm?

FTues 7th.

I think the little ones would like some of the shows. Much as I adore Indy, it is loud. Noise cancelling headphones though work wonders.

Not an expert on the other shows, but DD5 might like Frozen, and I hear it is actually hilarious for the adults.

Would DD5 like Jedi Training? Even if you feel she’s too young or timid, it is great fun to watch. It’s over at Star Tours. And if DD5 is OK on Slinky she will likely be OK on Star Tours too.

Plenty to look at around SW:GE. If you can get a reservation at Oga’s it could be fun for all, albeit it would push your plan back a little.

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Have you seen Fantasmic! yet? It can be scary for some kids. I did not think my DD4.5 was ready for it on our WDW trip last week so we skipped it. All kids are different though.

Why not Frozen Sing-A-Long? My kids (4.5 and almost 2) loved it.

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Your days leave plenty of time for breaks (good!), but they are still long days. Will your DD5 be able to handle those long days? You will likely get back to your resort late at night after the nightime shows.

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Wed 8th

Having glanced at your plan for the next MK day, I can see this is all about the little ones, and saving most of the rides for when Grandparents arrive, correct?

So all I would say is, the Magic Carpets stick out in the plan like a sore thumb! By all means do it, but it seems like it might fit better when doing Pirates and Jungle Cruise on Friday. It’s way out of the way, unless you fit it in before CP?

The meet & greet with Tinkerbell worries me. The line could be long, depending how soon you get there after the parade. Where are you planning to watch the parade from? I might be tempted to try and FP that instead of one of the morning ones. And head directly to one of those after Merida, whilst everyone else is rushing for Peter Pan or 7 Dwarves. Although the TP suggests it’s doable where it is, without FP. Maybe see what others think.

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That’s a good catch. When I was at MK 2 days last week, the SB wait for Tinkerbelle in the afternoon was in the 40-50 min range.

Thurs 9th

Difficult to comment too much.

The aquarium at The Seas could easily entertain the little ones for 45 minutes or more.

There’s a fun play area in the Imagination pavilion.

Winnie the Pooh meets all day in the U.K. pavilion, right at the back, in Christopher Robin’s bedroom.

Given you want to meet the princesses, you coul fill in some time with the Kidcot activities in some of the pavilions.

Morocco has the souk / bazar where DD might find something Jasmine-related. And there’s the Streif teddy store and the caramel store in Germany. And the trains and lots of ducks that side too (not sure why they congregate over by the trains).

There’s also the street entertainment, jugglers in France, the acrobats &/or Lion dance in China.

The gardens in Canada and Japan are lovely, tranquil places. Not sure when the new China movie opens, you may just miss it.

Are you all strolling around WS? Or splitting, in which case what are the others doing?

Okay great, I’ll leave it for 90 then just to be safe.

Good idea!

Yea, this day will be tweaked alot depending on the FP I get. I seriously doubt FOP will happen, so that will just be removed because I’m not waiting for that otherwise. Then I’d get a FP for navii.

I don’t think I can move it. I doubt FOP will happen looking at FP availability through dib. If I do manage to get it, I think I’d just end up skipping Rivers of Light. I keep hearing mixed messages about it.

DD would probably love Frozen, DS I dont think has the attention span. So maybe we’ll split up and let DS wander around during that.

I don’t believe Millennium Falcon offers single rider.

It does.

I haven’t looked at any of the touring plans, but what stuck out to me immediately is BBB on arrival day with no park plans. Could you maybe switch it to your EP day when you are meeting the princess? Or MK day when you’ll be in Fantasy Land?

I haven’t seen it in years - so this one we may skip. I would love to see it, but if the kids are worn out at that point, I am ok missing out.

I think she’ll be ok - she’s had practice at being up way past her bedtime. And we will be renting a stroller so if she conks out on the move, then thats what happens.

That is a great catch! I’ll switch it up!

Well, I was thinking of maybe catching it somewhere on main street so the grandparents can sit on the curb and get off their feet for a bit. Are the lines tolerable in the morning for the princess halls?