JTA - where to line up

Does anyone know which line to be in to fight Darth Vader (assuming that we get a time slot to be a Jedi)? Thanks in advance!

A year ago my kids were in the “front” line (they were a couple of the shortest ones). There were two rows of blue dots and they were placed in the row in the front. We were in the first show so we didn’t do anything between rope drop and the show but have a snack so we just hung out at the place to line up. There’s always a chance that they’ve changed procedure, but the front row fought darth Vader and the back row fought the seventh sister.


Yes, the was the front row for Darth Vader when we were there last August.

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Awesome! Thanks! Now I’ve got to keep my fingers crossed that we get a spot in one of the shows during the madness known as Spring Break…:pray:t2:

Thanks for this. I have always heard people talk about the spots but having never been I couldn’t visualise. …this make it crystal clear x