JTA Times in Touring Plans

When I add JTA into my touring plans, the wait times don’t correspond with the listed show times. For example, it is telling me if I arrive at JTA at 2:32, I will wait 8 minutes. But the listed showtimes around that time are 2:20 and 3:45, NOT 2:40, as would be implied by the arrival and wait times. I have moved it around in my plan, and it seems to have this problem at different time slots as well. Anyone else experiencing this? Do I trust the listed show times on the TP website or trust the implied show times? On the WDW website, it says “schedule unavailable”. @len, any thoughts?

Until wdw posts actual times tp will use default historic times Schedule unavailable means just that. They arent released yet. Remember your return time is about 30 mins prior to your show time for participating Padiwans.

Thanks, @mumcalsop! I wonder why they don’t list those historic times in the listing on TP if those are the times they are using?

think they are just place holders put in by the tp programmers/ programme . Once times are released they are normally updated on tp within 24 hrs ( normally 2-3 hrs really). As you aren’t guaranteed a specific time anyway I wouldn’t stress too much over it. HS is quite difficult to plan if doing Jedi Training.

@mumcalsop- If we don’t have official show times for that date, we’re using something close to “same day last year.” Let me know the date, though, and I can see if we’ve got official showtimes listed.

Thanks for the answer @rebeecky!

@len, it looks like from the time I first posted this question until now, both Disney and the TP website have been updated with the current times. My question is now moot. As always, thanks for all the awesome work you do to make our lives easier! :slight_smile:

@mumcalsop, provided we show up while there are still several slots available, can we pick the show we want or are we randomly assigned?

I don’t know. Our last visit was Easter 2013 and we were assigned a time. They generally try to fill the shows by time ie fill 9.40 then 10.40. Guests were asking for later times but cms were refusing. Since then I’ve heard that I you don’t like the time you are offered they will try to accommodate you. This seems to be the case if you have adrs or fpp booked they will attempt to work around them. So glad my kids aren’t doing it this time. They want to ride RnR again and again until their heads explode instead.

When we were there in December we were allowed to choose any show that wasn’t already fully booked.

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