JTA Sign Up and Pre-RD ADR

At DHS, we have an 8:00 pre-RD ADR at H&V on a CL8 day. We plan to arrive plenty early to be admitted for JTA sign-up before breakfast. But I worry that we will miss our 8:00 res. There is an 8:20 option available. Should we switch? Our first FPP is TSMM 9:20-10:20.

havent done this yet, but in my research on other boards, I have been told they let you in early to do sign up before the reservation.

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They do let you sign up for JTA before breakfast. I believe anyone with a reservation before 8:30 is let in the park around 7:45. It is only 20 minutes between the 2 ADRs so that is your call.

I guess what I’m asking is for input from people who have done the 7:45 early entry to sign-up…how long does that typically take? More than 15 minutes? Thanks.

It took only a couple of minutes. Cast members at the restaurant encouraged people to sign up before breakfast.

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If the park opens at 9am and you have an 8:30 - 8:55 am ADR they won’t let you do early entry and sign up at 7:45 am?!